A great evening of raising money and having a great night at the same time

2 of my bursaries holders attended to support the cause…Niamh Mc Kiverigan (Scott-eurocycles.com) and Lee Harvey (Vc Glendale) got some generous parents who made sure they got the jersey they wanted for their collection. Niamh got the Eli Iserbyt World CX U/23 windbreaker and Lee the Belgian National windbreaker of Geert Omloop from 2004 I think.
A thank you to all who donated the raffle prizes

Here a photo report of the night, a massive thanks to all who bought tickets, the bidding jersey winners, the donations beforehand, the Ards Bowling Club for the hall and all who helped out on the night. We raised £1069 which will be handed over next week to the charity

A personal donation of Sean Kelly
David mc Cann’s Irish Champion team jersey (Colavita-Sutter Home) when racing in the USA as a pro got a new owner
Getting ready for the quiz…teams from VC Glendale, Mc Convey’s, The Bike house, North Down CC, and some mixed teams
The runner up’s from NDCC team A
The Mc Veigh gang
A marriage of 2 clubs, Gillian Orr (NDCC) and William Orr (Ards CC) and part of the winning B-team of NDCC
The winning Bangor composite team of NDCC with their trophy’s (donated by AB Trophy’s Warrenpoint)
My wife Maggie running the quiz with a firm hand, her Northern Ireland wit very well received in the room…thanks so much for all your unseen work behind the scenes of the project and such evenings xx
James behind the taps already for 38 years in the Ards Bowling Club, also ground keeper and “devil to it all” in the club
The work as photographer of the Belgian Project David Mc Veigh was recognised last night, his photos have catapulted us to a now well-known media outfit which benefited our cause in many ways…David came aboard in 2012 (Giro Italia) and has produced and edited 43.000 photos on our Flickr page and over 8 million views since…The gold BP medal is handed out to people who made an impression to us and part of promoting our beloved sport
The final deciding question between the 2 North Down CC teams with level points…brothers Ian and Eric head to head…Eric was first to have the question right…there will be some bragging rights now in the Blaney family…lol