Photos Toby Watson incl. feature, Sean Mc Intyre, Fotozone and Philip Blair with link to their photos & results from Martin Grimley and the team…thank you all for the help. This a short report with photos of our guest photographers with personal comments

Winner of the B-Race David MCKEE (Maryland Wheelers) my apologies for announcing the wrong name David…you even don’t look like Stuart, Link to Toby’s photos

Mudfest in Armagh made this the most competitive race of the season in the Ulster series and also the last one. Only the Provincial Champs left in 2 weeks time in Fintona (Omagh Wheelers CX) After receiving my award in Dublin the night before, lack of sleep and tired, and only the buzz of receiving the accolade off the night before kept me on my feet…but a promise is a promise…so it was back to the factory floor so to speak. Massive entry again at the underage races, hundreds of parents around the small circuit…brilliant atmosphere all around. Just seeing the kids smile and competing makes you feel good to be involved. A big thank you to all who came over to shake my hand…it was an overwhelmingly feeling all-day and so lucky to be in this family of same-minded people…it really spurs me on. I will not go into the races as such, as the photos describe it very well and just tired after such weekend…my age now telling me to slow down a Needless to say Square Wheels CC …top job and whoever made the soup, Master Chef is calling. Thanks for the donation towards the Belgian Project as it keeps me in petrol for another while, and very much appreciated. Made a few mistakes in the commentary but my head was all over the place…well done all who were involved, the army of volunteers and competitors…I have now also Armagh mud on my hall carpet as my other half told me…lol

The unseen volunteers…chapeau to you all (Photo Sean Mc Intyre)
Start of the women’s race (More photos of Sean Mc Intyre on this link below)
Niamh Mc Kiverigan winning her 4th race in the Ulster Series out of 5 she entered…my money is on her for the Nationals
Photos of Philip Blair on this link below
Full results
Final standings will be added when received (Photo Sean Mc Intyre)
Winner of the MTB race and first over the line in the combined B-Race … the first time this happened in a long time…he was a few time second but this muddy course was in his favour and his top form did the rest …Sean donated all his winnings to the “Children’s Heartbeat Trust” a great gesture indeed !!