OldVelos was the natural outcome of the passion of two amateur cyclists whose teenage exploits are the stuff of legend and a little fact.

Alec Darragh did indeed come 2nd to Sean Kelly in the 1972 25 mile TT champs. He has the photo, and just rebuilt the bike, to prove it.

Brendan Hennessy often takes to the pen, as he’s better on it than the pedal, to ascribe heroic cyclocross feats to himself when, in fact, the last time he won a race hasn’t actually happened yet. (Photo below of Brendan climb of the Alp d’Huez in 1989)

This pair of enthusiasts have over the last 6 years created a host of events, expos, days out and dreamy blog entries celebrating the bicycles of yesteryear, the old roads they cycle on and the growing group of old fellows, and ladies, who all live up to the name of OldVelos.
In their spare time, Alec and Brendan are also known for restoring to life bicycles whose day may otherwise have been done. During the Covid-19 lockdown, they even hosted a bike of the week competition to see if anybody out there had bikes nicer than theirs. Turns out there were, just.  Find out more on www.oldvelos.com.

Alec Darragh, track commissaire, and vintage cycles enthousiast explains (no subtitles available ..lol)
Brendan Hennessy, cycling poet and classic velo lover…here below on if his poems…just magic

Nessa Rochford’s Socks” by Brendan Hennessy

Have you ever spied, when to CX races she rocks, her ankles are so well dressed, they’re Nessa Rochford’s socks. I eyed them first at Crossbars, where the competition she outfoxed, Kanturk and Strata3 were good, but no match for De Ronde socks. In Clonmel, she had a twin set, not cardigan, pearls or frocks, the League leader’s jersey she adorned, with bright red matching socks. Of course opposition she has, like Lucy, Grace and Ag Woz’nok, but ladies don’t you realise, it’s really all about the socks. Heh, you fans of Mario Cipollini, whose skinsuits’ rules did mock, to Nessa you must now look, ‘Just her ankles and her socks. Hence to our sponsors Verge I urge, a way to up your shares and stocks, no more need to sell shorts and tops, when you can just sell Nessa socks. Sad Verse: I saw a tear in her eye, she seemed to be in shock when at Drombane she was foiled and worse, muddied her favourite socks. So next week at the Munster Champs, it won’t be Over the Top, to shout and roar at our Nessa and scream….SHE’S BEHIND YOU, no wait, that’s not it, I have it now..GO ON NESSA, GIVE IT SOCKS!

For more info about this wunderful concept go to http://www.oldvelos.com/ and for Brendan’s witty blogs go to http://www.oldvelos.com/brendans-blog/

We all remember our first bicycle and how it expanded our horizons. Our world became bigger and the great adventure really started.
As we got older the demands we made of our bicycles meant upgrading and improving but somewhere in the back of our minds the first love still lingers. This site is dedicated to the love of bicycles no matter how old or new.
We do have a preference for steel-framed racing cycles but we are broad-minded, we are aware that there might be component manufactures out there other than Campagnolo, regards, Brendan and Alec

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