A link to David Mc Veigh’s other photos on https://www.flickr.com/photos/thebelgianproject/albums/72157715419376176 (photo above shows Barry Mitchell of Ards CC)

The glory days of this well know event has been in the early nineties when the likes of Graeme Obree (the flying Scotsman) and Chris Boardman (world record holder) ruled the TT world and came to visit my hometown Newtownards on a regular basis for the Champs. Chris had the course record for 27 years, and for a long time, we thought that this couldn’t be beaten in modern times, despite the beautiful machines our testers now use. But that day came today with an unknown rider till a few months ago, George Peden from Ballymoney, who lives in normal times in Leeds and racing for the renowned “Prologue Performance Racing Team” of Harrogate in Yorkshire. George has been the revelation of testing lately and has won each event he entered since the restart of the season. Already clocking amazing times lately in the 10 milers, he now has set a time that is mind-blowing ( 49 min 29 seconds for the 25 miles) and has put the bar higher for the coming years.

Marcus Christie (Performance SBR) was second in a time of 50:13 which you have to say SIR too as well
3rd was Iron Man Bryan Mc Crystal (Bellurgan CC) brother of para-cycling pilot, Olympian, and World champ Eve Mc Crystal in a very respectable time of 51m. 22 seconds
Eileen Burns (Ballymena RC) and ex Irish Champ took the women’s cup with a time of 57m 43 sec beating her friend and teammate Laura Campbell who done a 1h.2m.50s.
The ever smiling bluebell Laura Campbell
Current Irish Women TT Champ Kelly Murphy got a puncture in the way back and couldn’t finish…a pitty as she left Dublin early in the morning to return empty-handed to the fair city!!
Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport) took 4th place
Greg Swinand (Dan Morrissey-MIG-Pactimo) took 5th place with a 52m.39seconds
Aaron Watson (Dromara CC) took the 6th spot with a 53m15second, a very good time for the younger brother of Lindsay
John Rafferty was the first Ards CC rider with a 55m 57s time
As been up since 3 am this morning I couldn’t be bothered to type the full results out, so here the timekeepers sheet instead..lol
A well done to my beloved club Ards CC for perfect execution of today’s event, as you see done in a safe matter! More photos I took can be found on https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10157640653958691

The Belgian Project Media Team was provided with masks to keep us safe during these worrying times, thank you, www.bioracer.uk