All photos courtesy of our guest photographer, and Belgian Project guest mum Martine Verfaillie

Lucinda Brand has also won the 2nd World Cup Cross of the season. The Dutch star was more than a size too big for the competition on the flanks of the Citadel of Namur (Belgium) just like in 2018 and 2019. The young American Clara Honsinger pushed herself on a difficult course past the Dutch top riders Denise Betsema (3) and Ceylin Alvarado (4) to get 2nd place.

Denise Betsema was the best at the start and came through solo after the 1st round with a 10-second lead. However, Brand picked her up on the cobbles uphill and immediately put pressure on her compatriot on the sloping side. Brand broke free from the second round. Betsema tried for a long time to keep the gap somewhat playable but finally had to bow her head. Partly due to a flat tire, she had to tolerate Honsinger and Alvarado in her wheel.

So we got 3 women behind 1. Alvarado was the first to crack, behind an unleashed Brand, who managed to run half the race in a controlled manner with almost three-quarters of a minute ahead, the battle for 2nd place was the most exciting. Betsema ran and descended better, Honsinger climbed better and the young American made the difference on an uphill stretch in the final lap. Despite her good weekend last week, Sanne Cant was unlucky for today, because Namur is a nightmare for her, the Belgian champion had to settle for 12th place.

Top Ten (65 entries)
1 Lucinda Brand (NL) 52’47”
2 Clara Honsigner (VS) @29″
3 Denise Betsema (NL) @38″
4 Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (NL) @1’21”
5 Blanka Vas (HON) @1’38”
6 Evie Richards (GB) @1’45”
7 Anna Kay (GB) @2’14”
8 Aniek Van Alphen (NL) @2’26”
9 Perrine Clauzel (FR) @2’33”
10 Eva Lechner (IT) @2’42”
47 Sophie WRIGHT GBR (Martine Verfaillie’s protigee)
Michelle Geoghegan (IRL) DNS

Sophie Wright (GB) balancing here way down the Citadel hill