Feature photo courtesy of @belga, others as indicated, results from Sporza TV with thanks to all

There must be true love between Alvarado and the cross in Brussels. She has already won twice and this year she also raced to victory. She felt at home on the slippery and technical course. In the opening round, she moved along with Kay (GB) and Betsema, but in round two she went out alone. Behind the back of the European champion, there was a battle between Betsema and Brand for the final classification. After the first lap, the Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal rider nibbled 5 seconds from her gap with bonuses. She had to make up for another 36 seconds and she also put Brand under firm pressure. The world champion did not seem to break at first, but in the penultimate lap, Betsema opened the throttle again. She drove away for 10 seconds and when Brand also suffered from icy material in the final lap, it became very exciting. Betsema eventually crossed the line just after Alvarado. Then she looked back and saw that Brand was just fast enough. The world champion had 5 seconds left at the finish. There was no podium place for Brand. Third place went to Manon Bakker.
Top 10 of the Brussels Universities Cyclocross
1 Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (NL) in 40’50”
2 Denise Betsema (NL) @ 3″
3 Manon Bakker (NL) @ 17″
4 Fem van Empel (NL) @ 33″
5 Lucinda Brand (NL) @ 34″
6 Annemarie Worst (NL) @ 41″
7 Anna Kay (GB) @ 56″
8 Aniek Van Alphen (NL) @ 1’12”
9 Sanne Cant (BEL) @ 1’20”
10 Marion Norbert Riberolle (FR) @ 1’51”

Final GC (Top 10) X²O-trofee women
1. Lucinda Brand (Ned) in 5u54’19”
2. Denise Betsema (Ned) @ 5″
3. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (Ned) @ 3’48”
4. Annemarie Worst (Ned) @ 8’19”
5. Yara Kastelijn (Ned) @ 9’38”
6. Fem van Empel (Ned) @ 9’51”
7. Sanne Cant (Bel) @ 11’06”
8. Manon Bakker (Ned) @11’49”
9. Aniek van Alphen (Ned) @ 14’10”
10. Eva Lechner (Ita) @ 25’00”