I waited a while before I made my mind up how “to go about” this 2021 season, the pandemic has disturbed lots of peoples lives, our freedom of moving about curtailed, and in our beloved sport, the 2020 season was only a half one, lots of restriction during this races and just something we had to cope with. Selection for bursaries and sending people to Belgium was postponed for obvious reasons, most of the main sponsors giving a break of payment and just enough funding from others received to keep the website going with daily reports, and traveling to the events in the summer and autumn to promote our cycling. My commentary jobs helped also to pay for expenses and putting money in the bursary kitty. 46 girls and boys have been in the 2020 selection and had to disappoint them with not running the selection process, but with the assurance, they will get a chance in the future. I was hoping to run it again this year but too many obstacles such as a late start in 2021, not even competitive races yet in the South of Ireland, with limited races up north, travel restriction, and not a clear view of what gonna happen this year. Sending lads to Belgium this summer can not be done, races over there have not started and like last year it will be hard to get a race when things are lifted as they will be in many cases for Belgian riders only to start with…Travel to Belgium is also hampered and we don’t know for how long this will last, also thinking of our guest families, safety first in all cases! Bursaries selections also have to be done on an even keel and the situation we have for the moment can not provide this. Also need to get the sponsors on board and need to give them a confident plan. Too many, if’s and maybe’s again this year, and with a heavy heart, I have to postpone again for 2021. What with the selection pool of 2020? All 46 who entered will be added again to the 2022 pool (this included the ones who had been U23’s at the time of entering and now are elite riders) I will add and invite first-year and second-year juniors to join the selection in 2022 who hadn’t the chance to enter this year (more info later) But what is for certain…the project is here to stay”

What is the Belgian Project plans for this year (2021)The website http://www.belgianproject.cc is running as normal, with daily reports and stories relating to our sport and promoting Irish and Ulster races to the full with previews and reviews, in many cases, we will cover with the media team the races available on the calendar in person as much possible. Advertising possibilities can also be obtained to keep the website alive. The website gets seen globally and had over 125.000 visitors in 2020 and great PR for our cycling in Ireland and our women and men races abroad. Personally, I can offer commentary at main events and already have some bookings for later this year. This to help with the transport costs and adding funds towards the Bursary kitty (£900 already secured for 2022 with donations and MC jobs in 2020) We will offer a great 18 month’s deal (till the end of 2022) to existing sponsors or new ones… to have a solid base and make 2022 a super year for all involved…The project now exists 13 years and it will continue the way it works…thanks for reading this and please share if you can” regards Dany Blondeel (Founder)