Entries from all corners of the land (Photo Sharon)

A very pleasant day it was with sunshine in abandon, and a good number of entries to make it a perfect day for the kids and their parents visiting the venue. Bishopscourt lends himself well for cycling events…no traffic to deal with, good viewing points, all facilities including food and hot drinks van and big parking within the compound. A very pro approach from the organising promoters (CUYA) and Phoenix CC, who had the event in conjunction with the Cycling Ulster Women’s Commission (see report later this week) When you see people traveling from as far as Killarney show’s you how much it means for the parents to get their kids racing again. As I was occupied as MC didn’t have much chance of taking photos, and the ones I did not very good, so I asked Sharon and Toby to borrow a few, I have attached a link to their photos below, and very grateful for their input…a very successful round 3 of the league indeed!! Peter Brown from CUYA told social media >>> Well, 3 rounds down and all went to plan today as we learned from our mistakes from last time at Bishopscourt, and we had great weather and great commentary and some interesting selection of Music provided by MC we all love, Dany Blondeel. Special thanks to Martin Molloy, Dunloy CC who not only did the timekeeping on the youth round but also offered his services to the Women’s Commission. Some brilliant photos online by Toby Watson and Sharon McFarland, keep an eye out for them on Facebook.
Thanks to the parents who helped with marshaling on the course in between their own children’s races. Special thanks to all the youth riders for making it a wonderful Safe day.
Full results can be found on the Cycling Ulster Youth Academy Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/232162090276105 ) Next round at Nutts Corner, Tuesday 1st June, races for U6 -U16 <<< https://eventmaster.ie/event/39l8cx4tZW

The new VC Glendale Youth Academy on show for the first time in their brand new kit (Photo Toby)

Morning session (Time Trials)
Under 8 Boy’s
1st, Jake Rockett, 5:16
2nd, Benjamin Cunningham,5:19
3rd, Jake Mc Kee, 5:23
U8 Girls 1st, Abbie Kinning,7:11
2nd, Fiadh Craig,7:17
3rd, Anna Armstrong, 7:44
U10 boys 1st, James Cunningham,4:26
Joint 2nd, Rory Mc Cool,4:36
Joint 2nd, Sean Heverin,4:36
U10 Girls
1st, Skye Spence 5:14
U12 Boys
1st, Cianan Dennehy 5:52
2nd, Corran Mc Court, 6:20
3rd, Darragh Murphy 6:29

Photo Sharon

U12 Girls
1st Emer Heverin, 6:07
2nd, Abaigh Dennehy 6:11
3rd, Lacey Aickenjohnston,6:15
U14 Boys
1st, Conor Murphy 4:49
2nd, Curtis Mc Kee 5:09
3rd, George Sevastopulo 5:15
U14 Girls
1st, Aliyah Rafferty 5:29
, Edith Murphy 6:41
3rd, Elise Cunningham 6:50
U16 Boys
1st, Seth Dunwwody 4:42
Joint 2nd Sam Coleman, Oisin Ferrity 4:43
U16 Girls
1st, Lucy Brown 5:14
2nd, Aine Doherty 5:20
3rd, Zoe Lindsay 5:49

The battle of the Armagh lads (More photos of Sharon can be found on https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=camera92smcf&set=a.4046607932089698

Afternoon session >> Crit Results
U8 Boys
1st, Benjamin Cunningham
2nd, Jake Rockett
3rd, Jake Mc Kee
U8 Girls
1st, Ruby Millar
2nd, Abbie Kinning
3rd, Fiadh Craig
U10 Boys
1st, James Cunningham
2nd, Sean Heverin
3rd, Rory Mc Cool
U10 Girls
1st, Skye Spence
U12 Boys
1st, Caleb Mc Greevy
2nd, Josh Mc Clune
3rd, Corran Mc Court
U12 Girls
1st, Aoife Craig
2nd, Emer Heverin
3rd, Clodagh Quigley
U14 Boys
1st, Conor Murphy
2nd, Curtis Mc Kee
3rd, Cillian Owens
U14 Girls
1st, Aliyah Rafferty
2nd, Elisa Sunderland
3rd, Elise Cunningham
U16 Boys
1st, Seth Dunwoody
2nd, Samuel Coleman
3rd, Oisin Ferrity
U16 Girls
1st, Aine Doherty
2nd, Lucy Brown
3rd Zoe Lindsay

Go to https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008650729508 for more brilliant photos of Toby
Photo Toby