Magic photo’s courtesy of Jerry Rafferty ( ) and results from the Island Wheelers promoters, with thanks to both

Report promoters >>Official time-keeping results from Round 2. A tough evening for all competitors and all we can say is well done all. Once again Lindsay Watson was the fastest male and Jane Wilkinson the fastest female on the evening. We hope to have an update over the next few days on the overall standings after 2 rounds. Any queries on times please pm the page and we’ll check them out. A wee break for a fortnight until Round 3 Thursday 17th June. Entries still being accepted and we look forward to seeing you all again. Thanks once again on behalf of everyone running the series
Results 3 June 2021
1.Lindsay Watson Male SENIOR TT 19:54!!! (above)

2.Nathan Mullan Male SENIOR TT 20:58 (above)
3.Erwin McKee Male M40 TT 21:39 (First Veteran M40)
4.John Madden Male M50 TT 21:43 (First veteran M50)
5.Luke Osborne Male SENIOR TT 21:47
6.Stuart McCaughey Male M40 TT 21:52 (Second veteran M40)
7.John Rafferty Male M50 TT 21:53 (second veteran M50)
8.Oisin Rogers Male SENIOR TT 21:53
9.Andrew Robinson Male SENIOR TT 21:53
10.Ryan Jamison Male SENIOR TT 22:01
11.Alastair Gribbon Male M40 TT 22:04 ( 3rd Veteran M40-Welcome back Ali)
12.Aaron Watson Male SENIOR TT 22:08
13.Padraic O’Brien Male M40 TT 22:08 (3rd veteran M50)
14.Feargal Magee Male M50 TT 22:15
15.Philip Loughlin Male M50 TT 22:28
16.James Gordon Male SENIOR TT 22:31
17.David McIntyre Male M40 TT 22:40
18.Barry Mitchell Male SENIOR TT 22:41
19.Barry Hayes Male M50 TT 22:50
20.Kevin Connolly Male M40 TT 22:52
21.William Larmour Male M40 TT 22:53
22.Alistair Robinson Male M50 TT 22:54
23.Christopher Beattie Male M40 TT 22:54
24.Rory McIntyre Male M50 TT 22:54
25.Samuel Carmichael Male M40 TT 23:04
26.Fergus Byrne Male SENIOR TT 23:12
27.Chris Wheeler Male M60 TT 23:22 (first veteran M60)
28.Mark Johnston Male M40 TT 23:23
29.Jonathan Denvir Male SENIOR TT 23:24
30.Jack Ferguson Male SENIOR R 23:41
31.Gareth Kirkwood Male M40 R 23:46
32.Eamonn Brown Male M50 TT 23:46
33.Dale Bonnar Male SENIOR TT 23:48
34.Marshall Booth Male M50 TT 23:52
35.Tim Beattie Male M40 TT 23:53 (photo below)

36.Michael Cassidy Male M50 TT 23:56
37.Declan McCaffrey Male SENIOR TT 24:08
38.Kevin McCrossan Male M60 TT 24:08 (second veteran M60)
39.Andrew Surgenor Male SENIOR TT 24:09
40.Anthony McConville Male M40 TT 24:14
41.Darren Millar Male M40 R 24:14
42.David Moore Male M50 TT 24:15
43.Jane Wilkinson Female SENIOR TT 24:21 (first lady, photo below)

44.David Ross Male M40 TT 24:32
45.Matthew Pilgrim Male SENIOR R 24:36
46.Eddie Hampton Male M40 TT 24:44
47.Liam Crichton Male M40 R 24:49
48.Eoghan McGuigan Male SENIOR TT 24:52
49.Robin Logan Male M40 TT 24:54
(photo below)

50.Mark Hanna Male M40 TT 25:01
51.Aaron Kearney Male SENIOR TT 25:04
52.David Dickson Male SENIOR TT 25:05
53.Ivor Smyth Male M50 TT 25:13
54.Simon Evans Male M40 TT 25:19
55.Katie Neill Female JUNIOR TT 25:25 (second lady and first junior)
56.Trevor Wright Male M50 TT 25:25
57.Eamonn O’Boyle Male M40 TT 25:34
58.John Rooney Male M50 TT 25:36
59.Mark Kelly Male M40 R 25:36
60.Mark Watson Male M50 TT 25:37 (photo below)

61.Gregory Kearney Male M60 TT 25:45 (3rd veteran M60)
62.Maria McAllister Female JUNIOR TT 25:46 (second junior and 3rd lady, photo below)

63.Brendan McCourt Male M50 TT 25:47
64.Michael Bond Male M60 TT 25:56
65.Nev Smyth Male M40 TT 25:58
66.Seamus Walsh Male M50 TT 26:02
67.Ruth Johnston Female SENIOR TT 26:06
68.Ross Armstrong Male M40 TT 26:11
60.Enda McKeever Male M60 TT 26:13
70.Piotr Zietala Male M40 R 26:20
71.Eunan McGoldrick Male M50 TT 26:25
72.Ronan Bloomer Male SENIOR R 26:33
73.William Orr Male M50 TT 26:39

74.Karen Hull Female SENIOR TT 26:57(photo above)
75.Colin Wilson Male M50 TT 27:17
76.James O’Boyle Male M50 TT 27:28
77.Philip Morrison Male M50 TT 27:39
78.Martin Duffy Male M50 TT 27:42

79.Gillian Orr Female SENIOR TT 27:45 (photo above)
80.Marty Lynch Male SENIOR R 27:52

81.Carl Fullerton Male M70 TT 27:55 (first veteran M70, photo above)
82.Declan Shiels Male SENIOR TT 28:03
83.Marshall Craig Male M40 TT 28:27
84.John Nugent Male M60 TT 29:16
85.Richard Nicholl Male M50 R 29:20

86.Grace Smith Female SENIOR R 29:22 (photo above)
87.Barry Robinson Male M40 R 29:48
89.Allister MacSorley Male H/Cyclist H/C 30:23
(photo below)