The Spin Doctor” Emyvale Enterprise Centre Main St, Derrygassan Upper, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Note Dany B: “It’s great to receive extra financial support from the South of Ireland as it gives me the opportunity to visit events all over Ireland… it also gives me a better-educated choice of selecting my graduates and bursary holders, with seeing them in action and meeting their parents or guardians. As most of my sponsors have a residence in N-Ireland and GB, it is encouraging to have the South as support as well…remember that 40% of any donation/sponsorship to the project goes to the bursary fund 2022 with a goal to divide at least £4000 to the selected riders” ” People like Marc Andrews, owner of the Spin Doctor Bicycle make me reach that goal! Each of my co-sponsors will be introduced in the next few weeks with a feature starting today with the newest one and finishing with the main sponsor for 2021-2022. (Ps: The BP website will be updated half July with all the current and new sponsors added, also some graphics improvements and a general clean)

For more info on “The Spin Doctor” go to or contact Marc Andrew on marc@spindoctor.ieThanks so much and good luck with your new venture, Marc, you and the other sponsors will make a difference and give the chance of more young cyclist’s “Living the Dream”

Marc had this week a visit of County Monaghan’s international Lorraine Mullarkey who lives, races, and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Lorraine is competing in the Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra 555km in Letterkenny tomorrow and needed technical help and parts for her road and gravel bikes. Marc had offered her to help to get her bike ready for that beast of a race…here Lorraine’s well wishes for Marc and his new venture >>> “Cannot thank Marc @thespindoct enough for all his help and support in getting my Ridley and my Tarmac ready for my upcoming race this weekend @ultradonegal555 Marc had recently taken over the long-established bike shop in Emyvale and I’d like to wish him all the very best with his new venture. Even before I’d touched down on Irish soil☘️ Marc was very helpful sourcing parts, discussing tire size and everything else in between. Thanks for taking care of everything so I had one less thing to stress about. Now get to me that start ramp ASAP”

See you tonight or in the morning Lorraine…it has been to many years without you here…good luck for the race…