All photos courtesy of Kazik Janowsky, results from Starsky CC with thanks to both!

Starsky CC reported “After a chilly but really competition-driven race, we have many winners to announce”
A1, A2, A3
?Leo Doyle – TWC TEMPO Veldhoven (6 League Points)
?Andrew Ryan – UCD CC (5 League Points)
?Conor Murnane – UCD CC (4 League Points)
4th Eoin Kelly – UCD CC (3 League Points)
5th Ryan Byrne – Spin the Bean Power by Coffee (2 League Points)
6th Alan Lyne – Dunboyne Cycling Club (1 League Points)
?A3 – Eoin Kelly – UCD CC
?A2 – Stephen Hanna – Velo Club lveagh

Fashion police were not about last night…Conor Murnane would have been pulled…lol

A4 & Women
? Deimantas Syvis – Un-Attached Leinster (6 League Points)
? Frederic Roberts – Un-Attached Leinster (5 League Points)
? Loracan Murray – Ballina Cycling Club (4 League Points)
4th Barry – Castlenoch (3 League Points)
5th Martyn Holmes – Overwell Wheelers CC (2 League Points)
6th Phill Lennon – McNally Swords CC (1 League Points)
? Sarah White – Un-Attached Leinster (6 League Points)

A man I have a lot of time for…Tosh Lavery, motor comm mostly but also a golden heart with his search for lost people in his daily life!

Everyone else got 1 League Point for attending.
We really appreciate everyone coming and we will see you next week.
Thanks, Kazik for all the great photos you made.
We will send you a link soon where we will keep our League Points records, it’s still under making.
See you next week same place,