An army of volunteers with some of the newly accredited road marshals on duty

The Armagh Crit at Marlacoo Lake (Portadown Countryside) sponsored by Clarke Decorate Armagh, and promoted by Orchards-Shelbourne CC was held yesterday evening (Wed 4th May) in dry but cold weather conditions…Disappointing nrs maybe, but the 27 entries made it a great spectacle for the supporters, a very rolling circuit of about 2.4 km and an average of 3min.30sec each lap showed what sort of race it was…The A2 to the A3 handicap was 1 minute and halfway overturned…8 riders got away soon after…including international junior Travis Harkness (Vc Glendale Youth Academy) and eventual winner Aaron Parks (Banbridge CC) Travis took the primes at the line each time…Aaron got away in the last 20 minutes of the race, been chased by the other 7, but to no avail…still got plenty of road between him and the chasers while crossing the line!! Note: Orchard CC had nearly as many accredited marshals as riders, a very safe race for the riders as result…with the coming Groucho GP this Saturday they organise, you already know the race is in good hands…Thanks also to the paramedics, needed at some point late into the race, but only walking wounded is the last I heard…get well soon lads, the comm’s Tommy Mc Cague and James Mc loughlin (see photo below) all the volunteers, but most of all the riders, a great show you have given us…regards Dany B

Aaron Parks as the 2022 Victor

If I had to pick one rider of the evening it would go to the only woman in the bunch…Darcey Harkness (Vc Glendale Youth Academy) finished nicely in the bunch, with such speed they had yesterday a job well done!!

Darcey and bro Travis (Took a top 6 and 2 primes in his stride)

The attacker of the evening would go to Oisin Rogers (Cycleology NI) local lad and couldn’t keep still…attack after attack, but to no avail (still got himself a 5th place) Photo below

Top 10 result
1st. Aaron Parks Banbridge CC
2nd. Gareth Rogers VC Iveagh
3rd. Ian Inglis Kinning Cycles
4th. Luke Ginnell Drogheda Wheelers
5th. Oisin Rogers Cycleology racing team
6th. Travis Harkness Vc Glendale Youth Academy
7th. Stephen Hanna VC Iveagh
8th. Cormac Meegan Drogheda Wheelers
9th. Andy Ross Vc Glendale
10th. Daniel Purdy Banbridge CC
Winner of both primes: Travis Harkness VC Glendale YA

The Armagh Countryside
Luke Ginnell was one of the two entries of Drogheda Wheelers and a good result with 4th!
Kirk Sloan (Ards CC) was involved in a crash late in the race, sore elbow and cuts…he told me that all is OK …though fe… these cyclists!!
The scenery is just beautiful…Caroline Wade included .…more photos can be found on