Foreword Dany: “This sad report below from Kazik Jankowsky, the driving force behind Starsky CC is heartbreaking, I feel for this gentleman, baffled by the decisions made by Cycling Ireland for reasons unknown, except for a rule provincial-wise, which could have maybe been accommodated somehow…but revoking 2 future events without the right to appeal!! For years now we kept in the dark, the members I meet every week all over the country telling me they are looking for an honest explanation, and not hiding behind “legal reasons” as answers…in times where it is difficult for organisers to promote races, financially risky, etc… this will not help!! So sorry for Kazik and his loyal friends, a colourful, and international club, with many cyclists from East Europe, South America, and Ireland in their ranks, has always been generous in prizes, and trophies in abundance…what a shamble!!! (Ps. But this is only one side of the story…would like to hear the other side too, but still a shame this has to happen)

** Important notice from Starsky Cycling Club: **
With deep sorrow we would like to announce that the Leinster Criterium Championships in Corkagh Park will not be going ahead because of the following reasons:
Cycling Leinster – will not allow hosting 2 Provincial Championships on consecutive days.
Cycling Ireland – Revoked permits for our next 2 events. We were told the decision is final and cannot be appealed. Starsky Cycling Club is extremely disappointed about this situation, and we would like to apologise to those who have already registered. Refunds will soon be processed.
We would like to sincere
ly thank: All cyclists for their participation in events to date, Sponsors of Starsky Cycling Club, Photographers who have been with us at events, especially Sean Rowe for all the promotions he has done for our club, Dany Blondeel, who has been frequently a commentator at our events, Medical Staff, and Marshals for all their help, Many Thanks, Kazik Jankowsky, Starsky Cycling Club-Leinster

Next year Starsky Cycling Club will not be running as an Events Competition organisation!!!!!!!!