A few selected photos to describe the dayIt was worth the drive!!

What this girls do for promoting women’s cycling is amazing…they had a wee moment..lol
We had a few good men too!!
The CU Chairman Tommy joined the fun...
Some of the volunteers, and organisers who done massive work behind the scene…thank you
2 legends…one goal…
And talking about legends!! Phillip Mc Callen, co-sponsor of the event…have a look at what he offers >> https://www.facebook.com/phillip.mccallen
Some went for a MTB exercise with Claire Young (CI board)
And some went dancing….
Even met a Belgian girl from the Houffalize area (Belgian province of Luxembourg in the Ardennes) who works for the Tollymore centre as trainee of Sport NI….we had a conversation in french for a bit …
Talking about French…Lucie Chenet Rea ( Originally from Paris) who presented a Yoga class in the afternoon…you can found out more about Lucie on https://www.instagram.com/lucieyoga_/
Elaine Cahill (CI Women’s Commission) was wearing a polka dress for the occasion, and a pretty one too!!
Ex-BP graduate Craig Rea in his old belgian guest team colours with his mum Julie of Women’s CU
The afternoon sessions start, first a talk and answering questions session from Eve Mc Crystal and Deirdre Quinnsee photo below
All safely home after morning work out..
Training for success class in the afternoon
The 3 new off-road instructors Gillian, Julie and Audrey proudly showing their certificates
Bike repair and service lessons with Gary McKeegan who is a Coach, and lecturer in sport, also a specialist in endurance and outdoor activities
Testing some electric bikes, with Gordy Roberts (International bike mechanic & ex-sponsor BP) who helped out with Phillip McCallen providing the bikes and some advice
 The strength for cyclists workshop with Carla from  the The fither circle .. https://www.facebook.com/TheFitHERCircle
Yoga with Lucie
Philip Mullan from Race Fit MTB Coaching as one of the MTB leaders and supporters….https://www.facebook.com/RaceFitMTB

And a few more photos to end the story…more can be found on www.facebook.com/danyblondeel

A tombola was held in aid of the fantastic” World Bicycle Relief” charity...https://worldbicyclerelief
Main co-Sponsor of some tombola prizes https://www.facebook.com/CicliSport
Great feeling when 60 girls (and Philip..lol) smile at you..