Foreword Dany: “Know this lad for a while now…followed him since he was an U12 rider as an off-road rider, he got better and better, guided by his older bro Lee and his dad Mark…switched to the road as a junior and results came his way, his love for the off-road is well known, and a multible champ over the years in that discipline, but personally I think the road is his niche…having top results as a 1st year Espoir is something that not every one can do, and a good indication how good he really is!! The step to pro-continental is the first step to get ready for the big jobs, with coming talents who are as good, and some better than Dean, which will suit him to learn and improve, they fear him in Ireland, now is the turn of the others (lol)… So proud of him is a understatement, the bursaries he received this year so deserved, and he has paid me back ten-fold!!! Good luck this Sunday Dean, the whole of Ireland will be shouting for you, and the world will be watching…regards, Dany B”

Dean told us:I’m really looking forward to joining trinity for 2023. I think for next season it’s the perfect team for me to get exposure to good races, and continue to grow and develop. There’s so many people who have helped me getting to this point. I aim to thank people with my actions and will try and get the most out of my opportunity

Dean winning in Belfast the VC Glendale CX, wrapped in a Belgian Flag…I got goose pumps witnessing this moment!! (Photo Caroline Kerley)

Results of 2022…Winning the Shay Elliot and National Champs this year.
7th on a stage of Fleche du Sud (FR) with the national team, which was a big help and getting me experience and exposure to racing abroad. Spending the last part of my season in France with CC-Etupes was also a big help for me this year. I didn’t get many results but I learnt so much from it. I’m not sure what to say for xc and cx results.
I have a 7th and a 4th at British National Series races this year, and a 4th at UCI CX Clonmel.
Other than that I’ve won every domestic CX race I’ve done at home this season. I haven’t got to do much XC the last couple of years. I still love the mountain bike, so maybe I’ll try and fit in a bit of XC racing next year, also thanks to the Belgian project for the bursaries awarded (2021-2022), yours in sport, Dean

Dean and his dad Mark on the left, and his big fan Toby Watson after the Ras 2022…Dean won the Polka Dot Jersey in his first Ras and this as a first year U23!!