Foreword Dany B: “A family within the broader cycling community” I would call the Ernie Magwood Super 6 competitors and volunteers. You feel so welcome and appreciated as a volunteer, the friendship of the bike is very much evident at the races, and on an evening like this. Very honoured to be part of this gang, and certainly will be in the future!! Well done to the winners and trophy holders, the time team, the start crew, the host club, the marshals, and anyone in the back ground of this great league. There is a few winners missing in the photos, as this was held on a school night so to speak, but the majority could attend, the coffee was sublime (Fair Trade coffee from Honduras was served) the snacks or cake very tasty, and the craic mighty!! Here the full results and all photos of the night, free to download or share, just mention us and we are happy!