The Irish Para-Cycling team colours the Seafront of Oostende green with solid results + gold for Katie and Eve yesterday (17th May)

The most successful para-cycling tandem couple ever in Irish cycling history done it again…World Champions, Olympic Champions and World Cup Champions Katie-George Dunlevy and Eve Mc Crystal winning Gold in the fishing town of Oostende at the coast. Eve told her social media followers “Kicking off the season with a win in the TT at the World Cup in Ostend Belgium. Did not know how today was going to go tbh and had to dig very deep for this. It is our first TT since Worlds last year so it really was going into the unknown with fitness etc. As always thanks to our coach @delahaye.snapshot who tells us what to do and we do it. Were good like that ? We will race the Road Race on Sunday with the biggest field ever of 22 bikes ? can’t wait ? Congratulations and a kiss or two for the girls and a well done to the rest of the Irish warriors at the North Sea coast of my homeland
It feels so good when seeing a photo like that as a Belgian..(photo of Katie’s social media page)
Other results so far with the road races still to come (Photo Katie’s social media)
Male Tandem TT
Damien Vereker and Dermot Radford – 9th Place
Solo bike TT’s

Richael Timothy – 7th Place
Ronan Grimes – 4th Place
Scott Drummond – 20th Place
Handcycle TT’s
Gary O’Reilly – 10th Place
Declan Slevin – 4th Place
The famous ship Mercator in the centre of Oostende (Photo courtesy of Visit Ostend)
(It uses to be my workplace when I was on the trawlers who steamed to Iceland to catch halibut and cod in the early eighties)
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