Today the spotlights are on Sharon Mc Farland, if you are a competitor or supporter of the cycling sport you must have been in Sharon’s photo’s, I have known her publishing hundreds photo’s of one event, this only a few hours after the finish and perfect all of them, focused and clear…how does she do it, well I don’t know…as it takes me hours for hundred because of the need to edit most of them or chuck them...the knack of having it right the first time!! During the week Sharon runs a dairy farm with her husband and being a mother, loves running and cycling and is a member of Keevan CC and a very well-liked woman in the sport. Sharon is also a guest photographer for the project at many times, her photo’s adding the perfect colour to my reports. Enjoy these beauties below, thanks Sharon xx (feature photo of Caroline Kerley)

This report was supported by BP sponsor in-kind AB Trophies