Some photos of Sharon Mc Farland including feature photo (stated) and results from the Omagh time and result team who consist of Seamus Shortall, Alicja Cernak, Gordon Parker, and chief judge Ian Barfoot. Added report Shaun Mc Bride

The A4 dash to the line (Photo Sharon)
1. McMahon, Jamie DB Cycling Club 1h57m56s
2. Halliday, Duncan Errigal Cycling Club 1h57m56s
3. Little, Paul Breffni Wheelers 1h57m56s
4. Coney, Stephen Island Wheelers 1h57m56s
5. Mulberry, Stephen Foyle CC 1h57m56s
6. Fallon, Davoren DCU Cycling Club 1h57m56s
7. OHagan, Barry Dunloy CC 1h57m56s
8. Bell, Colin Dublin Wheelers Cycling Club 1h57m56s
9. McDwyer, Evin SLCC 1h57m56s
10. Sheridan, Darren Four Masters 1h57m56s
Full results and GC’s
Race report Shaun Mc Bride
Fantastic Bird “Flies” for Solo Victory
The summer weather was to continue into the afternoon as the riders faced stage 3 and two demanding climbs through the village of Carrickmore.
This year A4 race is proving to be a really cagey affair with most attacks quickly covered. In today stage the climbs through Carrickmore would see
James McKenny strengthen his grip on the Polka dot Jersey although with some great climbing tomorrow Jay Mc Auley from Strabane Lifford could still claim this jersey.
Once the climbs were completed the race settled into the same pattern with attacks quickly chased down although Niall Mc Shane (Foyle CC) and Barry o Hagan (Dunloy) who eked out a 26-second lead before being caught, Mc Shane was to go again but was caught approaching the final mile. In the sprint, Jamie Mc Mahon (DB Cycling) was the victor with Duncan Halliday (Errigal) again on the podium and Paul Little (Breffni Wheelers) completing the podium.
IN the GC Davoren Fallon continues in Yellow with Halliday’s bonus second seeing him leapfrog Gormley into second in the GC. Overall this is still a very tight race with
as many as forty riders still in contention.
A wonderful performance of Lauren Harvey ( CU Team and Armagh Down) who for the first time in her life races a stage race…a late starter at 23 due to her studies in law and I think her second road race for that matter… a gutsy girl I say!
Results Women + link to full results W1-2-3 included
1. Bird, Sharon Ballymena Road Club 2h06m34s
2. Smyth, Katharine Ballymena Road Club 2h08m03s @1m29s
3. Hughes, Hilary Westport Covey Wheelers 2h08m03s @ s/t
4. Hart, Louise TC Racing 2h08m03s @ s/t
5. O’Donnell, Lucy O’Leary Stone Kanturk 2h08m03s @ s/t
6. Taggart, Nikki Women’s Cycling Ireland 2h08m03s @ s/t
7. ODwyer, Niamh TC Racing 2h08m03s @ s/t
8. Parr, Teresa Newry Wheelers Team 2h08m03s @ s/t
9. Brennan, Eva Women’s Cycling Ireland 2h08m03s @ s/t
10. Rochford, Nessa Women’s Cycling Ireland 2h08m03s @ s/t
Report Shaun
In the afternoon the ladies served up a real treat, with attacking, chasing, some brilliant team riding and then a fantastic solo effort for a stage victory. The action was furious from the get-go within the W1/2 group Laura Campbell from Ballymena attacking at the flag, she was to take Louise Hart (TC Racing) with her but although they managed to get a 15-second lead they were soon caught by a bunch led by Cycling Leinster and Westport. This early flurry of activity was to see the deficit to the W3 group reduce to under 50 seconds after just 7 miles. The W3 group though had other ideas and just after Beragh Ulster riders Laura Wylie and Ciara Kelly were to launch of the front. A furious chase within the W3 group was to see the lead to the W1/2 group quickly extend to over 2 minutes. This though was just the warm-up, as the race approached Carrickmore and Malahbui for the first time, Ulster Riders Wylie and Kelly were joined by Ciara Haveran (Newry) to launch of the front again. This time they were to establish a considerable lead which at one stage was in advance of 90 seconds. In behind as the W1/2 group were cresting Malahbui the race was to split up into 5 groups. The three W3 riders held their own in front with a chase of W3 rider in pursuit with the main GC protagonists just behind. These two groups were to merge as the race approached Creggan and the chase began in earnest. As the group approached the turn to take them back to Carrickmore for a second time the W1/2 riders almost had the race back together with Ballymena riders Smyth and Burns to the fore. The groups were to merge shortly after.  
The race was to split again and as they approached the Gap Ballroom there were numerous groups on the road. The GC contenders and jersey holders were in or near the front but the W3 leader had dropped back and it looked like Cycling Ulster and Wylie had eyes on this Jersey. As the race approached Carrickmore for a second time, the dynamic changed again as Sharon Bird from Ballymena was to forge clear and very quickly establish a 1-minute lead. Her teammates in the chase group were able to disrupt the chase significantly to allow their teammate to establish a 1-minute 30-second lead and then solo to a well-deserved stage victory. Her teammate Smyth was second on the stage with Hughes (Westport) sprinting for third. With Bird soloing to victory the focus turned to the battle for the GC and the W3 jersey. Maura Claffey showed some real guts in holding on to the pink jersey and the Women’s Commission team did a fine job in regrouping and bringing their leader Taggart back into the main chase as the group approached the last 5kms.
So as a result, the GC remains close with seven riders still with 35 seconds and as a result of a brilliant team effort, Taggart will start the final stage in the W3 Jersey. 
It’s all to play for in the final stage and with the fearsome Lenamore road and Gortin Glens in the final 15 Kms, it promises to be an exciting final stage.
I have witnessed in this tour team tactics by the women teams, great to see these welcoming tactics who has made this race so exciting…the bluebells of Ballymoney RC had it to a fine point hence their results
And for the quality photo’s, just go to Sharon’s Photopage
John Hammer at work as a masseur for Leinster Cycling