All photos courtesy of Pol Demeyer Pomer (Flemish sports photographer and journalist) with thanks (Dank U)

Only Nathan Keown missing in this picture

The Irish juniors have made their stamp again on the Belgium cycling roads, with ex-BP graduate 2018 Cathir Doyle (Powerhouse Sport Team) as first over the line, this in a race who must suit him well as he won this last year as well, next was Kevin McCambridge (BP graduate 2019 and NRPT-Chill) in 8th place in the chasing group, next was Nathan Keown (NDCC & BP Bursary holder 2019) in 18th place and not far off was Matthew Devins (Yeats Country & BP Graduate 2019) in 28th place. 72 Belgian and International juniors entries signed on in the 99km UCI 1.14.3 kermesse and the speed was around the 42km an hour. Cathir had already a podium last weekend and the writing was on the wall. Kevin also already a podium and a few top tens, Matthew been sick the first week is slowly coming into form and already in the top half of the results and not forgetting Nathan with very consisting top 20 results. So all well at the western front so to speak….so well done lads

Nathan working upfront with Matthew making the connection
A marked man is Kevin and should be a compliment in a way
Nathan giving it a wallop
Great skills showed by Matthew and Nathan as needed on such technical courses
Cathir trying to get away, which he managed eventually
And away he is
Matthew very much noted by the photographer due to his extinguish green jersey
Nathan guarding the front
Kevin keeping the chasers in check as a friend “up the road”
More fantastic photo’s of the race courtesy of Pol