Report and photos from Ronan’s social media page, photo Big Mo (Sam Foster) with thanks to both…

58 years ago Morris (Big Mo) Foster set the place-to-place record of 6hrs 26mins 00sec for cycling between Derry and Dublin.
Derry to Dublin was one of the many records Big Mo set during his racing days which also included racing at the 1970 Olympics, two World Championships, and winning the Tour of Ireland.

58 years later, and with the help of all the bike, tech, training, and road network advancements of the past six decades, not to mention a phenomenal support crew, we set a new record for the Derry/Dublin with a time of 5hrs 14mins 13sec (subject to ratification).

Massive thanks to crew chief Chris McElhinney who pulled together a fantastic support crew and a team of officials who were phenomenal on the day meaning I could just focus on riding my bike. Big thanks to Mum, Dad, Liz, Simon, Phil, Diarmuid, Jean, Ian, Mitchell, and everyone who came out to support me along the road and at the finish.

Family man, ex-pro, and record collector Ronan still has the strength of lifting his wee daughter after such effort!!