Cyclo-Cross is alive and well in Norn Ireland!! Photo’s David Mc Veigh (BP Media) or otherwise indicated

A day in the park with granddad
Record entry in the underage categories (170+) A dry day for Toby Watson for a change after his soaking in Yorkshire last week
This proves how much it means to our youth

An early start it was on Sunday, the rain had eased overnight but the evidence still visible on the roads to Lurgan with waterlogged fields and big puddles. The Sun came out when we arrived and stayed for the duration…all well so far!

Just magic (Photo Dany)

The fun race (Under 6) as always starts the proceedings, very popular to the big crowd who showed up, as young as 3 on the starting line…there is no ranking in this category and rightly so…it is a fun introduction to racing and parents are allowed to accompany their waines to keep them right so to speak. We had a full programme of underage racing in the morning, they used a part of the senior course, which made the day even more pleasant as everything happened at the centre of the park and very spectator friendly that way. The afternoon was dedicated to the Ladies Race & U16-U14 including the MTB Women’s support race as first, and followed by the A-Race & Juniors and the B-Race as last, who had the full capacity of 100 entries!! This happened for the second time this year as the Brian Kinning GP had the same amount a few weeks ago. It is an amazing sight when the riders start off and fight for a good position at the first corner…see the videos on our Flickr page which includes plenty of action photo’s from our main photographer David Mc Veigh

Always welcome (Photo Dany)

The Ulster crosses always popular with clubs from Southern Ireland, especially the clubs near the border such as Cuchulainn CC from Dundalk. This club has an excellent youth programme and travels all over the country with their youth…chapeau

First outing for the reining Irish Masters CX Champion Alan Bingham (Newry Wheelers) in his new jersey and a top 4 in the Elite race, not bad going for a start. Alan is also a medal sponsor of the project and we proudly made this presentation as a thank you (Photo Dany)
Full results courtesy of Martin and Lisa (CU Off-road and commissaires) with thanks
What else would you do at the weekend…lol
Thank you Apollo CC for the donation towards the Belgian Project, it keeps us going

The Women’s race podium. (photo Dany)
All podium photo’s on

And to end the report… A well done to Apollo CC and their volunteers on the day…well organised and a great feed after made it a superb event, a thank you to all involved, including the ambulance crew, tea ladies, commissaires Lisa, Jim and Martin and the event sponsors Chain Reaction for their technical support on the day + prizes and not forgetting the competitors who entertained us

William Rea from Chain Reaction ( competitor and mechanic on the day)
An expert in ales and other beer relating matters, Marcus Chromie from the Shimna Wheelers creating a thirst
Next….Rd2 in Irvinestown Fermanagh on Sunday 13th October