Photo’s courtesy of David Mc Veigh (BP Media Team) or otherwise indicated

The combined Under 10-12 race line up

Indoor Cyclo-Cross was never heard of in Ireland and probably in more countries around the world, but that’s all over now folks..It has arrived with a vengeance at our shores!! Another first-ever for the Belfast Kinning Cycles Team after last years UCI CX in Mallusk.

A flat for Lewis Ferguson prevented him from taking a podium place, as at one moment he was leading the pack and going very well

The venue himself just perfect, lots of zigs and zags in the course, some straight lines for passing, technically demanding and fast…very fast flowing on a dirt track surface…

Spectators area with coffee and snack facilities

Promoter Glenn Kinning is known for his entrepreneur’s skills, this time he maybe took a risk and pulled it off in style…He even didn’t charge an entry fee for the underage races which attracted over 30 boys and girls, even some young ones from Dublin travelled to Moira. At least he had about 45 seniors to make up the paying numbers. Still maybe not enough to break even after hiring the venue, but a big step already to make this a success in the future as this could also attract other promoting clubs…even a league could be an interesting way of such way of racing…time will tell but at least someone tried it out. A plus point is an already set up course…only a few volunteers needed, complete oversight of the race and chipping system to aid the time team. Well, I became a big fan and I speak for a lot of us…we maybe don’t have a velodrome yet, but the fastest growing sport which Cyclo-cross is in Ireland has already his indoor!!

Practice time (Photo Dany)

The Elite Ladies, men and junior had their races last…2 heats to decide the minor final and the grand final. Ladies separate classification with 2 heats. Very few little crashes, no one hurt either except some minor damaged gear and some punctures, the promoter Glenn was a victim of such puncture in the first heat, and only could appear in the minor final which he won to the delight of the crowd.

Glenn Kinning winning the minor final…
Ladies overall was decided on 2 heats, this is the result of the second and final heath + result of the minor men’s final
Rachel Irvine (The Bike House) winning the overall classification (her second win in 2 days) Erin Creighton (Mc Convey Cycles) winner of heat 2 and second overall, and Maria Mc Allister from Island wheelers a deserving 3rd!! (photo dany)
Katie Neill back in action…
The next generation is ready for you, dedication already there, all the way from Dublin for a half hour or less racing…the future is bright for Scott-Orwell Wheelers, the tradition of producing talent is secure for the next few years (Photo Dany)
Good weekend for Sean Nolan, her perseverance has paid off…the last 2 seasons plagued with injuries and bad luck, hope this is now over and we can see what he really can do…Sunday’s winner of the Kells CX in Meath and yesterday second in the grand final…here seen with his da John who is his soigneur and driving force…so glad for Sean he turned the corner as he has a lot in the tank left (photo dany)
A good few days for Thomas Creighton also, second Sunday in Newcastle and yesterdays winner of the Grand Final in an exciting race that had 3 different leaders…
A small correction of name, Micheal Rea was 4th
Christopher Mc Glinchey 3rd

Let’s hope this could become a regular event and find solid support to make it viable …we certainly will promote such races…it is a welcomed alternative to the parks and fields and could fill the gaps in the CX calendar.

Rachel leaving some men behind and chasing her husband Mark Irvine at some point in the race
More action photo’s of David Mc Veigh on our Flickr cloud…more photos will be downloaded to this link when edited
More photos can be found on our facebook page, some I took between commentary ..they are not brilliant but will do to describe this unique event
A word from the promoter Glenn…
“How’re my wheels??? Great night at for the indoor cross. Something different and no complaints, bar the cold. Everyone buzzing about the course and set up. Punctured in race 1 so ended up in the semi-finals. Big shout out to the underage mixing it with the seniors and the senior women scalping a few men. Great work from the guys helping me behinds the scene. Who wants more? Thinking Xmas break before champs. Any feedback/comments ” send to