All photo’s courtesy of David Mc Veigh (main photographer BP Media Team)

My favourite team and media car… served us well for nearly 4 years…The Mazda 323 VTI 2.0

Our composite U23 team for the International Tour of the North (2017) with from left Paul Brady (sponsor), Andrew Chivers Bangor, Andy Maguire Wexford, Gary Donaldson Omagh, Brandon Douglas Katesbridge, and Conor Mc Cann Bellaghy

One of the first team car’s…to be honest, it was looking like a dog’s dinner…comfortable but a petrol lover…it served us 4 years before it was scrapped

John Archibald (GB) leading the field in the TOTN 2017 which he won

Our media car has been used now and then as commissaire vehicle, this time it was the TOTN 2019 with our man from Bilbao, Mario Arranz Florencio as comm 3

Tour of the North 2016 composite team…with from left DS Cormac Mc Cann Belfast, Aaron Mc Cann England, Ryan Reilly Derry, Craig Rea Belfast, Gary Donaldson Omagh, myself and sponsor Gordy Robert from In Touch Network Solutions Craigavon

Support for the project from Andy layhe (co-founder of Bike Pure and CX Coach) All our composite selections have to sign the Code Of Honour as mandatory

Our last ever Ras Donegal with our Provincial Junior Composite development Team in 2017…The Ras Donegal was one of the best training grounds to shape the juniors…such a pity it doesn’t run anymore as it was one of the best stage races I was involved with and preparation for some of the selections before travelling to Belgium as part of the project summer racing

The Hardman from Donegal Mitchell McLaughlin recuperating after the race in the Atlantic Sea, Mitchell has now progressed to a full-time rider in Italy with Zappi in 2020…we wish him all the best, one thing is for sure…not afraid of the hard work and a team player…they will love him

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