Even the King of Irish Cycling Sean Kelly was present, here seen with Toby Watson the event organiser for Vc Glendale

Over 300 entries…sunny but cold weather, brisk wind ahead of the coming storm, a sea of colours on the Antrim roads, the King of Irish Cycling in the house and organised by Toby Watson and his team of VC Glendale, a very worthy charity called ” Cancer Fund for Children” who will benefit” of this champ of champions Sportive…a heartwarming experience in West Belfast.

The charity and his fundraisers VC Glendale (Photo courtesy Emmanouil Klontzakis)

Toby Watson received a long due appreciation medal of the Belgian Project for his work to promote cycling in Ireland through his magic photo’s, his love for Belgian racing and most of all for his work for charity, Toby excepted the medal also in behalf of his club VC Glendale the promoter of today’s fundraiser for the Cancer Fund for Children…Having the King of Irish Cycling Sean Kelly supporting the sportive a big bonus…(The Belgian Project is based on the Sean Kelly story who stayed with guest parents in Belgium during his early years in cycling) Toby joined now a very select group of people who meant something to me over the 13 years I run the project…thank you, my Belgian adopted brother (photo below courtesy of Emmanouil Klontzakis)

Here a few selected photo’s I took myself and more can be found on https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10157138249838691

You can still donate to the charity on this link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/VC-Glendale4