Feature Photo Toby Watson, others as indicated

(Photo Victory Chimp)

With cancellation and seizing of all cycling events globally for the unforeseeable future, the social distance measures and the fast-spreading of the virus all activities on the road has come to a halt. As a cycling news website, not a very welcome situation. I don’t want to publicise stories just to fill a volume…they need to be current and related to our beloved sport. Therefore some weeks there will be fewer stories, some weeks more… I have to honour my promises to my advertisers and supporters …a decision of my selection process to award bursaries to young talent in 2020 will be made when I have clarity how long the ban will take. I can not put criteria out as it stands now, it would be not fair to the 42 youngsters who have applied…graduation selection the same as there will be maybe no racing before the summer. It could be that it will be postponed until 2021 if needed. All already donations would be forwarded to next year if needed. Due to no MC events Jobs that I do to swell the funds, we would not reach the funding we need. The main thing is that we are here to stay and for the moment hope we can beat this terrible thing called Covis 2019

(Photo BP Media)

I will restart the memories reports this week with plenty of photo’s our team took over the last years…till we meet again, don’t know when and don’t know where, just stay safe, please