If you love cycling photos and Belgian races, or ever raced in Belgium you probably have seen photos of Pol or been in one or two. Pol is a freelance sports photographer and specialized in cycling racing. He lives in Heule (near Kortrijk W-Flanders) and runs as me a cycling website who has an enormous following http://www.bloggen.be He is a member of the Vlaamse Journalisten Vereniging (Flemish Journalist Society) I only met Pol once or twice, but Pol is always willing to send some photo’s when I cover some Belgian races, this when my selections (BP graduates) are racing there in the summer. I am honoured he replied to my request for participating in this series. Have a look, you will agree it is more than quality…Merci Pol, en hopelijk tot een van dezer dagen (Feature photo of Pol courtesy of his neighbour from Heule Katrien Quartier)

You can see more of Pol’s work go to http://www.bloggen.be/pomer If you share photos on social media don’t forget to mention the author, thank you Dany