I went a few times to the Lisburn BMX track last winter to promote a bit another discipline of our beloved sport to our viewers and met Robert Macaskill who is the “Inhouse” photographer of the Lisburn BMX Club…his work very much liked in the world of BMX in Ireland and you see why in his favourite 15 he sent us…the right moment shots come to mind. When I got in contact with Robert to invite him to take part in the series and explain a bit about himself, Robert didn’t hesitate to join the series and told me this ” Thank you for the invitation to partake in 15 personal favourites. I’m Robert MacAskill and photography has been a hobby of mine for the past 10 years. Enjoying all aspects of photography but my passion lay in landscape and urban exploration ( photography of abandoned buildings) All that changed 2 years ago when my youngest son, Corey joined the Lisburn Bmx Club. I get to do what I enjoy, taking photos while watching the kids at the track do what they enjoy. Last year saw us compete in our first Irish nationals and I hope the photos I have selected capture the race day atmosphere that the events create. Hopefully, get to see you back at the track in Lisburn soon Dany” Thanks Robert for your marvellous input to the series. An example of Robert’s work of urban exploration and landscape can be seen here …our Dublin followers will love this https://www.facebook.com/robert.macaskill1/media_set?set=a.10159016338772738&type=3

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