It’s great that a few lady photographers have joined this series as it gives another angle and dimension to the photos, this time so chuffed that Alicja sent her fav top 15. Alicja is part of the “Dream Time Team” who operates mostly at Ulster Cycling races but also welcomed volunteers at the major cycling events in Ireland. If you are a tester (TT) you will know her for sure, as Alicja operates beside her partner Gordon Parker (Time Keeper) at the finish line at events. Originally from Poland and now living in Ballymena for about 7 years with her partner Gordon which I am a long time friend with. Alicja speaks many different languages and also is a Graduate of Economics. She is a well-loved woman by anyone who knows or works with her at the races or TT’s. Personally I am lucky to have her as a friend, as we both live away from our homeland and made our lives here in Northern Ireland, we both found love here and share the same passion. Enjoy her photo’s and please credit Alicja if you share her photos on social media, regards Dany