I know John from the visits I make to the Mid Ulster region races, a well-known photographer in sports and weddings, definitely, someone who has the art of capturing the right moment and very pleased John agreed to put his spin on my series. Here his introduction to you all “I am John O’Neill age 52 from Ballinderry Bridge Co Tyrone. A qualified Glass Blower, now a Professional Photographer. Best known for my motorsport photography/rallying. I took up cycling late on and another of those guys to lose 4-5 stone!!! I enjoyed Time trials for a number of years and managed to win 4 Ulster medals along the way. As a busy wedding photographer, cycling is a bit more leisurely now and I enjoy Ultras with a bit of running cycling and scenery thrown in” Thanks so much John, another quality entry in the series! Please credit John or https://sperrinsphotography.com/ if you share these photos on social media (Feature photo courtesy of Colm Heron)

Location flash
Giro Italy N-Ireland 2014
Giro Italy 2014 N-Ireland

This photos courtesy of https://sperrinsphotography.com