I don’t know Lar in person but have been aware of his photos since we covered lately a few times BMX events, Lar was recommended by his friend Robert Macaskill (Lisburn BMX Club photographer) I got in touch with Lar and the man behind the BMX website https://15.ie swiftly answered my request which I appreciate very much…so I leave it to Lar to introduce himself “Since 1982, or thereabouts, when BMX racing first landed in Ireland, I’ve been obsessively involved in the pursuit of self-harm via the bike with 20” wheels. And I’ve excelled at it … to the point where both knees and wrists pleaded no more! So, in order to stay involved in the best sport known to mankind, I started photographing it for the BMX news organisation I founded, Fifteen BMX. We’ve been doing pretty well … not only covering the Irish BMX scene but also the UCI Supercross World Cup Series, the UEC European Cup and the USA BMX National Series. Once the World begins to reset and we are all allowed to return to what we love, make sure to point your kids, your friends and your parents towards BMX Ireland, for all the information you need to get involved, after all, bikes are better when both wheels have left the ground …Find Fifteen BMX at https://15.ie/ and @fifteenbmx on both Instagram and Facebook. BMX Ireland can be found at http://www.bmxireland.ie/ and @bmxireland on FacebookThanks so much Lar, as these photos are just amazing and will be well-liked by our viewers. (Note: please credit Lar if you share his photos on social media, thank you Dany)

1 – USA National Champion Corben Sharrah in full flow at a UCI World Cup in the National Cycling Centre, Manchester, UK. 
2 – Spring time at The Netherlands Olympic Training facility, Papendal for a UCI World Cup with Switzerland’s David Graf.
3 – Two of Ireland’s future stars, 8 years old’s in the air, leading a British National Series race at the National Cycling Centre, Manchester, UK.
4 – Colombia’s two-time Olympic Gold medallist, Mariana Pajón.
5 – Carving turns with W5 Simone Tetsche Christensen from Denmark.
6 – Irish kids under the Wexford sky.
7 – Jodie Lynch, currently Ireland’s fastest woman.
8 – Team GB’s Kye Whyte wins his first UCI World Cup in front of his home fans in Manchester. 
9 – Nothing but blue sky with Kam Larsen from the USA.
10 – Dutch superstar, Laura Smulders at the 2019 UCI World Championships, Belgium.
11 – Team Ireland rider Matt Campbell at Lucan BMX Track.
12 – France’s Manon Valentino getting some last-minute tips.
13 – Alise Willoughby takes the 2019 UCI BMX World title.
14 – It doesn’t always go to plan, Switzerland’s David Graf at the 2019 World Championships.
15 – One of Ireland’s most talented, James Wood.