A big UCD win in Moy at the Tour of Ulster with Eoin Morton

Some more photo’s discovered of a few years ago in my files on my old PC…some great memories to share with you …All photos from the BP Media team, please share or download, just mention us and we are happy

Some clowns at the Kinnings CX at the Stormont hill…Arlene Foster lost some weight…lol
How much closer can you get…Ryan O’ Reilly getting the better of Dave Watson at the Carn Wheelers GP in 2017
A very rolling course at the Killinchy GP in 2018
Let’s have a bath together at the Craigavon Lakes after a CX workshop
Farewell Gavin Moore (NDCC), killed on the dual carriageway between Bangor and Newtownards, his killer was convicted and jailed for dangerous driving with death as a result
Many hundreds of cyclists paid their respect at Gavin’s funeral in Bangor Co-Down
Alice Sharp after winning the Omagh 3-day
Some support on the road during the Omagh 3-day
The famous Tom Clogher girls in Omagh
Eamon Byrne in very good company at the Dublin International Track GP
The Phoenix girls and entourage at the Omagh 3-day

Moreno De Pauw meeting Martyn Irvine and Aidan Reade at the Dublin GP

UCI Track event in Dublin, a now established event on the world calender
And to finish for today 2 famous brothers in one picture…Colm and Toby Watson from West Belfast club VC Glendale