Beautiful family photo moments after Ronan finished his successful challenge (Courtesy of Donegal Ultra 555 page)

To update the report I did yesterday, the man with a plan did it…Ronan climbed the beast called Mamore Gap 64 times!!! Yes, you read this wright and it looks like he will be the fastest man in Ireland to complete The Everest challenge on a Bike. Ronan climbed the equivalent of 9,200m in a record-breaking Irish time of 8 hours and 13 minutes, and provisional 5th in the world ranking (Contador set a new world record last week in Spain with a time of 7hrs 27mins) Ronan awaits now confirmation from the organisers “Hells 500 Australia” Next stop for this mountain goat and ex-pro is the Donegal Ultra 555km, where he has his eye on the course record. The man from Muff in Donegal done this also for charity and you can find a link to the Community Rescue Service funding page on (The tally for the moment is £1125, and you still can donate!)