This is what it is all about!! (Photo David Mc Veigh BP Media) Link to photos of David on

A rotten night was expected and a rotten night we got, it didn’t stop the hard men and women to show up last night in great numbers. All cat’s had their race, from underage, ladies, the A4 section, and the main A*-A3-A2-1 race. A wonderful initiative from entrepreneur, cyclist and bike shop owner Glenn Kinning. The Nuts Corner Criterium Series will have 4 rounds each Tuesday in August and round 1 yesterday started it all off. In normal circumstances when I am doing the MC Job we bring the gazebo, but this would mess up the social distance, as in weather as this people would shelter underneath it, which normally they are very welcome, but I prefer to get wet and protect myself and others for the time being! Gerry Heverin was the man in charge as Race Director and done a good job in such circumstances. The circuit was perfect with smooth tarmac, lots of bends and corners, and very fast in the long run-up to the finish. The online entry for next week will be soon announced and very much recommended, hopefully, the weather gods have a wee chat and decided to give us a dry day!!

A+-A1-A2-A3 & Jnr Handicap Race (Photo David Mc Veigh)
1. Dean Harvey (VC Glendale) 45m 13s (Junior)
2. Stephen Gallagher (Orchard CC-Shelbourne) @40secs
3. William Callaghan (North-Pole CC) @1.10

4. Ciaran Dixon ( Team Type 1-Junior)
5. Rowan Montgomery ( Junior Ballymoney CC)
6. Chris Donald (Team Madigan Junior)
7. Lee Harvey (VC Glendale)
8. Richard Topping (The Bike House)
9. Chris McGlinchey (Vitus-Brother-CRC) @1.22 10. Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport) s/t
The A3 bunch kept the big hitters away (Photo David mc veigh)
Ex Ras and pro winner Stephen Gallagher (Orchard Wheelers Armagh) back in the racing saddle after a long break of competitive racing, an A2 for now, but he showed us that talent never goes far away and soon be back where he belongs!! (Photo David Mc Veigh)
Chris Oakley (VC Glendale) wins his first road race, Chris normally an MTB rider and new signing for the West Belfast club
A4 Race (Photo David mc Veigh)
Chris Oakley (VC Glendale)
Karl Love (Phoenix CC)
Andy Ross (VC Glendale)
Why sunny Spain when you have this at home!! (Photo David Mc Veigh)
Sharon Bird (Ballymena RC) leading the way for the youngsters
WOMEN’S RACE (Photo David Mc Veigh)
1. Sharon Bird (Ballymena RC) 29minutes-48seconds
2. Erin Creighton (McConvey Cycles) @3 secs
3. Darcey Harkness (Carn Wheelers) @7 secs
4. Emma Smith (Deeside Thistle) s/t
5. Rachel White (North down CC) @ 41secs
6. Grace Smith (TC Racing) @53 secs
Sharon Mc Farland’s brilliant photos can be found on (Photo Dany)
Here another top man photos, well worth a visit. .. (Photo dany)
Eileen Burns got a bit of star treatment last night (Photo Dany)
And finally a thank you to Glenn, Gerry and the volunteer crew of Kinning Cycles…you got the North racing again (Photo David Mc Veigh BP Media)