Not a 2 out of 2 for Mathieu van der Poel, Tom Pidcock was the best on the difficult mud course of Gavere. The young Englishman (21) rode one hell of a cross and left companion Van der Poel on the spot 3 laps from the end. For Pidcock, it was his first victory in a classification cross with the pros
Eli Iserbyt was the biggest challenger of Van der Poel on Saturday in Antwerp but found a course to his liking in Gavere, after a dramatic start he was pushed into the chase. His adventure ended in fourth place. His teammates also did not appear in the play. Belgian champion Sweeck came into the picture with a blast start but literally dropped out.
Who was at the appointment? The world champion, Toon Aerts and Thomas Pidcock. The British super talent danced through the mud in the opening phase and only Van der Poel and Aerts could follow. The stage was soon set, only the order was still food for discussion.
Halfway through the cross, Pidcock seemed to fall through a bit, but after some relative rest, he threw Toon Aerts overboard together with Van der Poel. The Briton did not wait and put the world champion under pressure. Van der Poel made an error two laps from the end. He had to get off his pedals and Pidcock needed nothing more.
He kept his cool and drove two more laps solo to his first classification victory with the pros. Van der Poel had to settle for second place.
Top 10 Cyclocross Gavere:
1 Thomas Pidcock 58’11”
2 Mathieu van der Poel @ 25″
3 Toon Aerts @44″
4 Eli Iserbyt @54″
5 Lars van der Haar @01’01”
6 Michael Vanthourenhout @01’13”
7 Quinten Hermans @01’31”
8 CornĂ© van Kessel @02’47”
9 Thomas Mein @03’24”
10 Daan Soete @03’33”

Lucinda Brand remains the measure of all things in yesterday’s women’s super prestige. On Saturday in Antwerp, she lost for the first time in a few weeks, but yesterday in a worn battle in Gavere she answered with a win. Denise Betsema 2nd, but on Saturday the best, and Ceylin Alvarado 3rd on to the podium. Sanne Cant finished sixth. Brand is now the only leader in the Superprestige.
1 Lucinda Brand 42’56”
2 Denise Betsema @13″
3 Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado @34″
4 Clara Honsinger @44″
5 Yara Kastelijn @1’12”
6 Sanne Cant @1’21”
7 Manon Bakker @1’27”
8 Christine Majerus @1’35”
9 Aniek Van Alphen @1’49”
10 Eva Lechner @1’53”