Freddy here seen with his friend Sean Kelly

The well-known retired bike shop owner, and cyclist Freddy Jansegers, a big fan of Irish women cycling from Puurs, near Antwerp got in contact with me last week with this great offer…Freddy is a well know character and gentleman by our Irish girls living in Belgium, also a friend, supporter, and follower of the Belgian Project. The ex-sponsor of local teams has shared accommodation on offer…Here the message I translated from Fred: “Dany, I have 1 place left for a lady cyclist in the apartment in Puurs. Puurs is located in the center of Flanders and is close to the main highways, A rider who will be staying there next season (it is an apartment for 2 people) is a Canadian rider who rides for the Rupelcleaning Illi-bikes team, namely Sam Hargreaves. Conditions: keep it clean. Contact me personally for more information (phone 0032 (0)485 98 96 09 or email There is a garage attached, where in addition to a car also various bicycles can be parked. The rent is possible from February / March until the end of the season, eg October. We are very flexible in this and understand that it will not be completely resolved with the Corona. So dates can be adjusted. The rent is € 300 per month, excluding gas, water, and electricity. Maybe you can announce it. Greetings and happy holidays. Hopefully a normal season next year”

The internationally sold Duvel beer is brewed in Breendonk, near Puurs, by the Duvel-Moortgat brewery. Each year in August, a 100 km (62 mi) long foot march called the Dodentocht (Death March) passes by the brewery, and participants and spectators can enjoy Duvel beer for free.

Puurs is the location of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing hub in Europe. Vaccine doses are currently being transported by armed cargo trucks and military-escorted planes, to the United Kingdom, around the European Union, and the world.