Our goal stays the same “LIVE THE DREAM

Dear followers, supporters, sponsors, guest parents and friends of the project, the sooner we leave 2020 behind the better, we lost some loved ones, our freedom has been curtailed in a big way, but it was necessary to do so and the outlook is not bright yet. Now we have to find the courage to tackle this worldwide problem as best possible, and hope by spring we can operate again. The website goes in its 3rd year of running and doing very well, despite the lack of racing I managed to keep the reports going, many hours have been spent to found info and keep you all informed of what happened in our beloved sport. We still managed to visit and work in about 35 events, including doing the MC job in some prestigious events which helped our budget. Our advertising income was low this year, as some of our main advertisers & sponsors had a free year, but due to no bursary money or summer racing in Belgium, the outgoings have been lower too. The money we had received before March was used to pay for the cost of running the website and keeping me on the road, and the rest been forwarded to the 2021 bursary fund. The selection pool of 2020 (46 entries) will automatically be forwarded to this year, but we will give the opportunity to first-year juniors to join the selection for this year, and the ones in the original selection who became elite due to their age in 2021 will still be eligible for selection. I will announce a.s.a.p. details, but as you all understand for the moment not possible. Our existing sponsors and hopefully new sponsors will be notified as soon as things are more clearer. But one thing is sure…we are here to stay. Please keep safe for now, we have to bite in the sour apple to survive and keeping healthy, the sweetness and goodness of our beloved sport will return, have a prosperous and healthy 2021, yours in sport Dany B

A big thank you to David mc Veigh (BP Media) and Jerome Mc Namara (volunteer) for their valuable help and support last year
Last but not least a big thanks to my long-suffering wife Maggie who let me do all this, without her support it would be not possible to keep going