A story from Michell Wuyts, writer, commentator, and journalist (photos courtesy Sporza TV)

“The fact that Lefevere took him back into the team is a testament to human love. But to say right away that we will see the old Cavendish again, no. I don’t believe that”, says Michel Wuyts (well-known TV cycling commentator at Sporza)
“It is not only last season that Cavendish disappeared from the front. He has been doing that since his heavy crash in the Tour (the incident with Sagan in 2017). I have never seen Cavendish top again.”
When did the season pass for someone like Cavendish? “I expect that when he starts somewhere, it will always be with an expectation for himself. Since he has always been a born winner, he will hope to compete for a win every now and then.”
“But there is still a big difference between hoping that and doing it effectively. I can only hope for him that it will work out one day. Even once would be very nice. Let’s not forget that he has not been until three years ago. the world sprint top belongs. “
The great value of Cavendish is the commercial aspect. He still has a name that makes you wonder
“Cavendish can perhaps compete with his old rival, André Greipel. Not the Greipel of the last 2 years, but the Greipel of 34 to 35 years old. He did compete for stage victories in the big stage races.”
But Cavendish’s great value, according to Wuyts, lies in the financial picture. The Briton brought his own sponsors and is attracting a lot of attention. A win-win situation for Lefevere. “The great value is that commercial part. It still has a name that makes you look up.”
“Only it will soon be a matter that that name in the Deceuninck-Quick Step outfit will not arouse any pity. Because then things will go wrong. What he does now is essential. How does he prepare, how will he develop it in the coming weeks? ? “

Michel Wuyts (Leuven, December 22, 1956) is a Belgian publicist and writer about cycling. In addition, Wuyts is a cycling commentator for the Flemish public broadcaster VRT (Sporza)