Foreword Dany: When Fiona and Peter Sharkey told me once about this place and the “Happy Place” of their son Sean who passed away a few weeks ago, I was impressed by such kindness and care that this foundation provides. Therefore a bit of support and promotion is needed for such a brilliant cause. My good friend Bryan Mc Crystal who has a close relationship with the family Sharkey wanted to help and organised a fundraiser, spearheaded by his young son Rian (11) who will cycle 200km in February to raise funds. I wish Rian and the Maria Goretti Foundations lots of success. At such young age being charitable demands RESPECT!! How to do donate and info of the fundraiser here below

Bryan taking his son Rian on a spin last year(photo courtesy of Bryan’s social media)

Covid has severely impacted most charities’ ability to raise much-needed funds. The Maria Goretti Foundation offers residential respite care for children with disabilities. Rían would like to help this brilliant local children’s charity at this tough time.
11-year-old Rían is challenging himself to ride 200km in the month of February!
Please help support the Maria Goretti Foundation by donating to Rían’s cycling challenge. Every donation counts, no matter how small!
We’ll keep you updated on social media & Strava on Rían’s progress. Maybe you’d like to virtually cycle this challenge with him? Go for it and enjoy it!
My 11-year-old son Rían is going to ride 200km in the month of February. In doing so he would like to help raise some much-needed funds for the children’s charity Maria Goretti Foundation in lordship.
Any donation no matter how small would be much appreciated!
He needs to average 7.14km a day! We will do updates here and upload his rides to Strava
Are you up for the challenge? Virtually Ride 200km with Rían and let us know you are getting on!

The Foundation is a registered charity and is committed to the support of children with disabilities. The center at Lordship, Co. Louth is currently a purpose-built six bed-roomed facility that operates under the auspices of the HSE and is currently managed by Rehab Care. The Foundation seeks to further the cause of children with disabilities and is interested in research in this field. Building on the experience of the children and families that use the center we are committed to responding creatively to their needs into the future.