All photos courtesy of Shea

Here I am, nearly 5 months into Self Employment, a year and a half from I started The Shoe Dr.
In October after debating it for months, I quit my full-time job in the midst of a global pandemic to pursue my passion.
Before I left my job, growing The Shoe Dr. was and still is a gradual process, started as a hobby then more and more people wanted to put orders in.
The demand was clear and I loved doing it.
I kept working until it was obvious that the only next step was to give it my full attention and the Covid lockdown gave me the opportunity to do that.
There have been ups and downs along the way but I wouldn’t change a thing.
I urge anyone who has a side hustle or passion project to keep at it, especially if you have a dream of making it full time.
What you put in you will get back out.
For me this hasn’t been about money, it’s been about freedom.
The Shoe Dr. Isn’t my job, it’s my life, I work every day, some days are long, some stressful and some are hard but I love every moment.
Having this freedom has been great for my mental health and well-being, I’m back to working out every day and I have the freedom to create what I want.
Visualise it and if you believe in it, you can do all sorts.
I’m looking forward to continuing on the journey with growing The Shoe Dr. and seeing where I can bring it to.
I hope in the future I can give other artists and designers a chance to do what they love.
Lastly thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me along the way, no matter how little or how much I very much appreciate it all, Shea

The Belgian Project is very proud to have Shea coming back on board with support when things are back to normality, and I can concentrate on bursaries and my summer project off course. Shea and his family are good friends of myself and so happy to see him doing well…keep it lit Shea…what you doing is unique and the success is not a surprise to me at all…chapeau mate