Photo courtesy of Wim Vanneste (ex motor pilot Sporza & WTV)

BICYCLE REPAIR POLE: High-quality stainless steel bicycle repair column with a unique rotating pump mechanism, equipped with a vandal-proof bicycle pump with an optional washing station. Bike repair is a high-quality stainless steel bicycle repair pole that is equipped with a unique, vandal-proof, and rotating pump mechanism. The bicycle repair post Bikerepair comes standard with 8 basic tools and a unique rotating bicycle pump. The basic tools are a screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, an 8/10 and 13/15 wrench, an Allen key set, 2 tire levers, and an adjustable wrench. Extension to a maximum of 12 tools is possible. The integrated rotating pump mechanism makes the Bikerepair bicycle repair station ideally suited for use in public spaces. The bicycle pump is suitable for almost any type of bicycle valve (Dunlop, Schrader, Presta). Due to the stainless steel version of the base column, which is also provided with a high-quality powder coating (RAL9005 – black), the Bikerepair bicycle repair post is and remains an attractive and functional service point in public spaces, company bicycle sheds, bicycle sheds at schools, hospitals, et cetera. The rotating bicycle pump is equipped with a durable hydraulic pump hose. The pressure gauge is clearly visible during pumping. Optionally, the Bikerepair bicycle repair post can be supplied with an integrated washing station, with which, for example, dirt, road salt, etc. can be removed from the bicycle. The Bikerepair bicycle repair station is equipped with a Grohe pump system and a high-quality spray hose. The spraying time can be set customer-specifically. The bicycle repair post-Bikerepair is supplied with a coupling, to which a water hose can be connected from the bottom of the bicycle repair post. With the robust base plate (300x300mm), the Bikerepair bicycle repair column can be placed easily and securely on a concrete floor. In case of an unstable surface, for example, a lawn or pavement tiles, we recommend that the Bikerepair bicycle repair post be found on a concrete base. More info and other products can be found on