UCI Men Elite CX (Class 2) St-Niklaas

In the Waaslandcross there was no measure on Eli Iserbyt. The European champion was allowed to taste the victory for the first time in almost 11 weeks. Toon Aerts and Michael Vanthourenhout completed the podium in Sint-Niklaas.

The Mascotte of the Ethias Crosses

(Top 10) 1 Eli Iserbyt
2 Toon Aerts
3 Michael Vanthourenhout
4 Corné van Kessel
5 Laurens Sweeck
6 Lars van der Haar
7 Jens Adams
8 Niels Vandeputte
9 Joran Wyseure
10 Timon Rüegg

UCI Women’s Elite CX (Class 2)

This weekend we put down the cyclocross season, but first, we have to fight twice for the victory. Part 1: Sint-Niklaas. No Lucinda Brand and Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, but Denise Betsema, who started as a top favorite as a sand specialist.
Betsema had a faltering start but came back to the front just as quickly. The first shot came from Belgian champion Sanne Cant, who made the selection in this way. Only Betsema and Worst followed.
Cant was at her limit for a while, the two Dutch women shot away, although the time differences were always small. Betsema looked strong and put Worst under pressure. It lingered at 3 to 8 seconds, but would never return. In the battle for third place, Cant suddenly faced competition from U23 world champion Fem van Empel. After a passage in the material post of the Dutch Cant rushed away mercilessly, the stage was in.
In the meantime, Betsema was happily pounding on in the – quite passable – sand and crossed the finish line solo. Worst finally followed at 20 seconds.

(Top 10) 1 Denise Betsema
2 Annemarie Worst
3 Sanne Cant
4 Fem van Empel
5 Anna Kay
6 Manon Bakker
7 Eva Lechner
8 Aniek Van Alphen
9 Ellen Van Loy
10 Alicia Franck