Race info courtesy of “Het Nieuwsblad” and photos from @belga

As tradition has it, the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad will kick off on Saturday 27 February. And immediately we get everything that the real cycling enthusiast loves: 200 kilometers on small roads through the Flemish countryside, spiced with 13 steep slopes and 9 typical cobblestone sections.
During the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 2021, no public will be allowed at the start, the finish, the slopes, and the cobbled sections. There is also a ban on gathering more than four people everywhere and a mouth mask obligation along the course from one hour before to one hour after the race.

The race on TV is free for Belgians (Sporza TV) but this is not available here in Ireland or Great Britain. GCN+ cycling TV has now the go-ahead for live streaming both races, but you need to subscribe to this service…they have a deal on till the 28th February (YouTube Channel: http://gcn.eu/FollowGCN) viewing which will cover most of the UCI calendar races this year) I took one myself this time, and can recommended such brilliant service


1. Leberg (49,4 km) 950 meter, 4.2% average  and 13.8% max gradient

2. Den Ast (na 76,4 km) 450m, 5,5% av, 11% max.

3. Katteberg (98,3 km) 600m, 6% av, 8% max.

4. Leberg (na 11,7km) 950m, 4.2% av, 13.8% max.

5. Hostellerie (na 127,5 km) 1.300m, 4,5% av, 8.3% max.

6. Valkenberg (na 136,7 km) 540m, 8.1% av, 12.8% max.

7. Wolvenberg (na 148km) 645m, 7% av, 17.3% max.

8. Molenberg (na 158 km) 463m, 7% av, 12% max.

9. Leberg (na 165,5 km) 950m, 4.2% av, 13.8% max.

10. Berendries (na 169,5 km) 940m, 7% av, 12,3% max.

11. Elverenberg-Vossenhol (na 172 km) 1.268m, 3.6% av, 9% max.

12. Muur-Kapelmuur (na 183,8 km) 475m, 9.3% av, 19.8% max

13. Bosberg (na 187,7 km) 980m, 5.8% av, 11% max. and 13 km to go to the finish!!

Het podium van 2020 met Yves Lampaert, winnaar Jasper Stuyven en Soren Kragh Andersen

Provisonal start list as per 24 february>> https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20210223_93084452