McKinley Contracts Shield 2021 (Women’s Race)

Erin Creighton (Mc Convey Cycles) winning in impressive style!! (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
(Top 5) 1. Erin Creighton McConvey cycles
2. Jemma Speed North Down CC
3. Darcey Harkness VC Glendale
4. Amelia Taylor McConvey Cycles
5. Ciara Havern Newry Wheelers 6. Teresa Par Newry Wheelers

Haldane Fisher Cup 2021 (A4’s)

Karl’s second win this year and A3 status now (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
1. Karl Love VC Glendale
2. Ben Bowler Phoenix CC
3. Aidan Mc Ginley TVR
4. John Berry Armagh City Cyclists
5. David Brown Shimna Wheelers
6. Ryan Andrew’s Unattached
7. Matthew Kinkaid Newry Wheelers
8. Cliffy Hamilition Newry Wheelers
9. Padraig McKernan Newry Wheelers
10. Maia Simmons Canyon Development Germany (1st unplaced junior)

Entry list for Sunday’s John Haldane Memorial Races (9.30 am)

Change of plans regarding the John Haldane race on Sunday 9th May.
In the best interest of sport and safety, we are going to run 2 separate races on Sunday morn.
We will have an A1/2 handicap race starting at 9.30 am and an A3 race starting at 9.35 am.
Parking is as it was and everything else. ie no sign-on.
You line up at start 5 mins before your start time.
We will do the prizes approx 20 mins after the A1/2 race finish.
A1-A2 race (6laps)
Aaron Parks 21A20105 M40 Banbridge CC
Adam Ward 21A10046 SENIOR Antiga Casa Bellsolà Club Ciclista
Alan Bingham 21A20166 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Angus Fyffe 21A10105 SENIOR Team Caldwell Cycles
Barry Convery 21A20164 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Barry Mc Kenna 21A20107 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Cathir Doyle 21A10082 SENIOR Powerhouse Sport
Ciaran Maguire 21A20117 SENIOR VC Glendale
Colm Quinn 21A20188 SENIOR Newry Wheelers CC
Conor Mc Cann 21A10060 SENIOR Inspired Cycling
Darnell Moore 21A10098 SENIOR Team Caldwell Cycles
David Connor 21A20045 SENIOR Armagh City Cyclists
David Mc Knight 21A20193 M40 Team Vision Racing
Dean Burnside 21A20163 SENIOR Island Wheelers
Dylan Traynor 21A20020 SENIOR Un-Attached Ulster
Gareth Mc Cullough 21A10108 M40 Un-Attached Ulster
Gareth O Neill 21A10097 SENIOR Team Caldwell Cycles
Gavin Magowan 21A20171 M50 Dromara Cycling Club
Geoff Alderdice 21A20169 M50 Dromore CC
Glenn Kinning 21A20034 M30 Kinning Cycles Cycling Club
Ian Inglis 21A20161 SENIOR Kinning Cycles Cycling Club
Jack Ferguson 21A10091 SENIOR Dromara Cycling Club
Joe Henry 21A20017 M40 Velo Cafe Magasin
John Heverin 21A20192 M40 Un-Attached Ulster
John Morton 21A10093 SENIOR Harps CC
Johnny Webb 21A20198 M50 North Down CC
Karl Morgan 21A10104 M40 Phoenix CC
Kevin Mc Kinney 21A20023 SENIOR Armagh City Cyclists
Kyle Fisher 21A20160 SENIOR Lakeland
Lee Harvey 21A20021 SENIOR VC Glendale
Lindsay Watson 21A10088 SENIOR Powerhouse Sport
Luke Joyce 21A20046 SENIOR The Bike House CC
Mark Mc Ginley 21A10049 SENIOR Four Masters CC
Mark Mc Girr 21A10035 SENIOR Lakeland
Mark Mc Kinley 21A20191 M30 Newry Wheelers CC
Martin Colgan 21A20153 M40 Armagh Down CC
Michael Scullion 21A20178 M40 Carn Wheelers
Nathan Mullan 21A10034 SENIOR Dromara Cycling Club
Paul Wilkinson 21A10096 M40 West Down Wheelers
Peter Mc Lean 21A20074 SENIOR Ards CC
Phil Doyle 21A20002 M40 Ards CC
Robin Wilson 21A20069 M50 Ards CC
Ronnie Smyth 21A20175 M50 Dromara Cycling Club
Sean Featherstone 21A20174 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Shay Donley 21A10094 SENIOR Team Dan Morrissey – McCarthy Insurance Group – Pactimo
Stuart Millar 21A20157 SENIOR Ards CC
Xeno Young FR-1031 SENIOR

A3 race including Juniors (5 laps) Andy Ross 21A30381 SENIOR VC Glendale
Brian Mc Lornan 21A30439 M40 Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club
Chris Lawlor 21A30394 SENIOR VC Glendale
Christopher Donald 21A30231 SENIOR Spellman-Dublin Port
Christopher Mc Cann 21A30180 M50 Inspired Cycling
Conall Donnelly 21A30395 SENIOR Clogher Valley Wheelers
Daniel Purdy 21A30199 M40 Banbridge CC
Darren Mc Cann 21A30009 SENIOR Dromara Cycling Club
David Dougan 21A30430 SENIOR Ballymena Road Club
Des Woods 21A30455 M50 Newry Wheelers CC
Fergus Byrne 21A30389 SENIOR Ballymena Road Club
Gareth Rogers 21A30424 SENIOR Dromore CC
Gary Maguire 21A30465 M50 Harps CC
Gavin Oakes 21A30489 M40 Crossgar Cycling Club
Jamie Gregg 21A30316 SENIOR Dromore CC
Jonathan Denvir 21A30402 SENIOR Dromore CC
Kevin Lynch 21A30386 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Marc Allen 21A30463 SENIOR Ards CC
Mark Gordon 21A30404 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Mark Johnston 21A30429 M30 Kinning Cycles Cycling Club
Mark Kendall 21A30016 M40 Banbridge CC
Mark Mc Parland 21A30419 SENIOR Newry Wheelers CC
Matthew Pilgrim 21A30433 SENIOR Dromara Cycling Club
Michael Green 21A30373 M40 Phoenix CC
Michael Havern 21A30437 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Oisin Rogers 21A30270 SENIOR Armagh City Cyclists
Oliver Sloan 21A30301 M40 Velo Club Mourne
Paul-Antoine Hagan 21A30305 SENIOR Banbridge CC
Peter Batey 21A30425 M50 Velo Club Iveagh
Philip Bremner 21A30471 SENIOR Lakeland
Robert Kennedy 21A30344 SENIOR Ballymena Road Club
Rory Loughran 21A30418 M40 Newry Wheelers CC
Sean Mc Court 21A30314 SENIOR VC Glendale
Sean Mc Greevy 21A30432 M50 Velo Cafe Magasin
Stephen Fitzsimmons 21A30143 SENIOR Banbridge CC
Steven Mc Allister 21A30454 SENIOR Ballymoney CC
Adam Mc Geever 21JR0025 JUNIOR AAA Cycling
Darren Rafferty 21JR0047 JUNIOR Villeneuve Cycliste
Dean Harvey 21JR0035 JUNIOR VC Glendale
Jackson Hall 21JR0013 JUNIOR Velo Cafe Magasin
Joseph Owens 21JR0023 JUNIOR Team Caldwell Cycles
Rowan Montgomery 21JR0062 JUNIOR Ballymoney CC
Shea O Kane 21JR0090 JUNIOR Phoenix CC