I had a chat online with both riders at their training camp in Spain, telling me about their joy to manage a pro-continental contract for 2022, here are Matthews and Kevin’s thoughts

Hi Dany, over the moon to be resigning again with TRINITY Racing again for the 2022 season. 2021 was my first season racing on the continent for the year and I’ve learned a huge amount that I am hoping to really build on next year. We have got a really strong squad for next season and it’ll be great to be joined up with Kevin for the year. Kevin and Cathir both still have to help me to win a kermesse so we need to make that happen at some stage. It was great to see Rik and Sabien a couple of times over the summer and hopefully, we’ll be seeing plenty of them again in Belgium next year!

Matthew received his BP graduation medal just before the Nationals in Derry in 2019
Kevin’s and Matthew’s BP’s guest parents Sabien and Rik meeting up with Kevin, This kind family has been looking after our Irish talented youngsters for more than a decade,

Hey Dany.
I’m really excited to get stuck in with Trinity Racing! The bad luck this year makes me more hungry. Being on a team with English speakers I feel everyone understands each other and I feel more suited to the team whereas this year i struggled to get that in france and it took a big Impact on me. But I already see the organisation is amazing with the team, we have guys like Ian Stannard, Philip Deighan, Pete Kennagh and of course Andrew McQuaid to help us get the best out of ourself. I will look forward to racing all around Europe and also Belgium where I will get to see Rik and Sabien where I got the pleasure to live with them in the summer of 2019 thanks to the Belgian Project.

Kevin received the BP graduation medal, also before the Nationals in Derry (2019)
Matthew and Kevin, and Cathir Doyle met up with Sam Bennett at the European Champs, Alkmaar in 2019 (Photo Shea Gribbon the Shoe DR)
Kevin and Matthew already established international riders with numerous appointments with the Irish U23 National Road Team