The Ulster Youth Awards presentations will be held during the event…all winners on

Address – 75 Whitesides Hill, Portadown, BT62 3RJ
Course description
The course at Portadown is on a private site and it is a permanent cyclocross course. The start is on a wide gravel area with course features including a sandpit, bridge, steps, and a dual slalom downhill section. A great setup that has been used over the last few months for training events as well as Round 3 of the 2021 Ulster Cyclo-cross Series. The course has been changed from the last race.
Race Registration
Registration opens on Friday 03 December 2021 at 8 pm and closes on Friday 10 December 2021 at 8 pm. NOTE: There are no registrations on the day.
The link to register
Race fees
Under 6s – £1
Under 8s, Under 10s and Under 12s – £2
Under 14s and Under 16s – £5
Juniors (male and female) – £10
Seniors/Masters (male and female) – £15
Race schedule including practice times and prize giving
09:00 Registration opens
09:00-11:30 Main course practice 2h 30m
09:00-09:50 Youth course practice (U6, U8, U10, U12) 50m
10:00 Under 6s race 2m
10:15 Under 8s race 5m
10:25 Prizegiving for Under 8s 5m
10:30 Under 10s race 10m
10:45 Prizegiving for Under 10s 5m
10:50 Under 12s race 15-20m
11:10 Prizegiving for U12 5m
11:10-11:30 Full course practice 20m
11:30 Call up for Junior men, Women, Under 14s and Under 16s 10m
11:40 Race start for Junior men, Women, U14 and U16 U14, U16 – 30m
Women – 45m
JM – 45m
12:35 Prizegiving for Junior men, Women, U14 and U16 10m
12:35-12:50 Full course practice 15m
12:50 Call up for M50, M60 10m
13:00 Race start for M50, M60 50m
14:00 Prizegiving for M50, M60 10m
14:00-14:20 Full course practice 20m
14:20 Call up for Senior men and M40 10m
14:30 Race start for Senior men and M40 55m
15:40 Prizegiving for Senior men and M40 10m
Tyre width check
For Juniors (16/17) and Seniors, there will be a check on tyre width (max 33 mm)
Race license
Cycling Ireland riders must hold a 2021/2022 license either a Limited Competition (LC) or Full Competition (JR, A4, A3, A2, A1, A+). Youth riders must have a current 2021/2022 license.
Licenses must be presented at sign-on.
For non-Cycling Ireland license holders, please ensure you have a 2021/2022 license from your federation then email a copy of your license to before pre-entry closes. NOTE: There are no one-day licenses available for championship categories (Junior, Senior, or Masters)
Ulster medals – eligibility
This is an open event however there are conditions on receiving medals.
Ulster championship medals will only be awarded to riders who satisfy the following criteria
(a) Belonging to a club/team based in the Province;
(b) Unattached and resident in the Province;
(c) Residency in the Province;
(d) Belonging to a club/team based outside Ireland but,
1) Immediate past address was in the Province or
2) Most previous Irish club/team was based in the Province.
Prize list
As this is a championship there will Cycling Ulster medals for the following categories. No cash prizes are to be given out.
Top 3 Ulster Junior men,
Top 3 Ulster Senior men,
Top 3 Ulster M40 men,
Top 3 Ulster M50 men
Top 3 Ulster M60 men.
Top 3 Ulster Junior women,
Top 3 Ulster Senior women,
Top 3 Ulster Masters women (40+).
Top 3 Ulster Under 14 males,
Top 3 Ulster Under 14 females,
Top 3 Ulster Under 16 males,
Top 3 Ulster Under 16 females.
TEAM PRIZE – There must be 3 teams of 3 Ulster riders to qualify for a team prize in each category
Ulster Team prize (Senior men’s race)
Ulster Team prize (M40 men’s race)
Ulster Team prize (Women’s race)
There will be non-championship races for the Under 6s, Under 8s, Under 10s, and Under 12s
Gridding will be based on the Ulster cyclo-cross series 2021
Facilities on-site
Toilets are available on site
There are no showers or changing rooms
Bike wash
Riders are asked to bring their own water for washing bikes. A bike wash area will be available on-site close to the pits
Race organiser
John Leeman (email)
Telephone: 07730 789439