A thank you to Jerome Mc Namara (left) and David Mc Veigh (middle) for their time and effort as volunteers to help me out at events for more than a decade, and capture all the moments to promote Irish Cycling and our beloved project…so much appreciated, my gratitude! (photo courtesy of Jerry Rafferty Armagh)

A thank you to all our main voluntary guest photographers, who let me use their photos to colour my reports at events I can not visit due to other commitments, without this kind friends, our project would be much poorer!!

The Queen of Ardee and the adopted Belgian from West Belfast
Our beloved Belgian guest photographer and adopting mum for many Irish talented youngsters, Martine Verfaillie
The Selfie specialist
Jerry Rafferty (Middle) from Armagh, his photography well known in Ulster and further afield
The man they call Hammer
Sean Rowe in his element (Photo cropped from “Give it socks” Facebook page)
Sharon Mc Farland and the Shoe Dr (Shea Gribbon)
Irish Track champ and track reporter Tony (tiger in the tank) Mairs