Photos courtesy of Martine Verfaillie and @SnowyMountainPhotography, with thanks to both

The Irish team practicing on the Fayetteville, Arkansas course. (SnowyMountainPhotography)

Foreword Dany: “When I asked Liam to send us a wee report of his first World Championship adventure, he replied to us kindly, which I appreciate very much, and gives us an insight into how things can go wrong, but also shows the courage of this young “Fermoy Tiger” to keep going as he races for his country…his age will give him many more opportunities I am certain, and the experience gained in the USA will help him the future…well done young man…you have done us proud!!

The first hurdle…starting from the back!! (SnowyMountainPhotography)

Liam said: “After 2 flights and 5 hours of driving, we finally got to our accommodation in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was only a 15-minute drive over to the course, so we were over there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Sunday’s race. We watched Saturday’s races from our base after an easy spin in the morning at the course. Sunday we went out for a lap of the course to check the conditions after the previous day’s races. The race was starting at 11 o clock, I was gridded to the back. The race got off to a fast start, there was a crash at the first corner and I had to slow up to avoid the riders. I had made my way up to 23rd before the stairs on the first lap. After the descent, my chain dropped, by the time I got going again I was back to the back. I decided to change my bike for fear of the chain dropping again. I was moving my way back up the field again but on the second last lap, my chain dropped again. I got going again and finished out the race disappointed. Luck just wasn’t with me on the day. Big thanks to Cycling Ireland, Paul, Brian, Eoin, and Kyle for a class week.

Giving it all at the UCI crosses in Belgium and gaining the much-needed experience (Citadel Namur) Photo Martine