Full results and photos courtesy of www.raceface.ie and review below from our long time friend in Mayo, Padraig Marrey (Western Lakes) The aim of the event was to highlight an old path from Newport to Mulranny, used in the olden days by locals, travelers, farmers, and herders.

Dear participant, thanks again for taking part in the inaugural event, like all new events we got some things right and need to improve on others. We still think you enjoyed the day judging by all the smiles we saw in the photos… if you haven’t logged on to social media to check out the photos see https://www.facebook.com/Raceface-events-1389388431368592 We have the full event report here>> https://www.raceface.ie/local-knowledge-key-factor-for-inaugural-newport-win/ with all the breakdowns of the timing section…We have a big gravel weekend on September 17 &18th, on Saturday we have the Skelp Blast and on Sunday we have Gravel Grind West with various distances. For the next week or so we will leave the early bird option open, so grab a bargain cause once they are gone they are gone.. Entry here https://www.raceface.ie/gravel-grind-west/ If you have any recommendations for us please let us know, we want to make the event bigger and better for next year but remember we are a small operator and are not like the big corporate gigs. Support Local!! Look forward to seeing you again, Padraig & Bryan ( go to www.raceface.ie for more info)

Results of Newport Rocky Mountain High Gravel event (The Raceface Tem)

RankFirst NameLast NameClubCatBike typeGenderTimePrize
1TrevorCostelloIslandeady CC SnrGravelMale00:53:081st overall
2DarraghDelaneyWestern Lakes SnrGravelMale00:53:222nd overall
3DavidBelmonteDe Ronde Van Cork SnrGravelMale00:53:353rd overall
4GregBaxterWestport Covey SnrGravelMale00:53:38 
5MichaelHennessyFermoy CC SnrMTBMale00:55:16 
6BarryKellyDB Cavan SnrGravelMale00:55:24 
7JamesDownesNewcastle west SnrMTBMale00:55:40 
8NeilMartinOff Grid SnrMTBMale00:57:22 
9DavidSandsBallina CCO50MTBMale00:58:201st Male O50
10LoisMaly O50GravelMale00:58:39 
11NoelBradyWestport CoveyO50GravelMale00:59:04 
12BarryDavey  SnrGravelMale00:59:19 
13MichaelFlynnWestport Covey SnrGravelMale01:00:17 
14JohnCarlosKill W SnrMTBMale01:00:47 
15RegCowieWestport Covey SnrGravelMale01:01:03 
16DavidHanratty O50GravelMale01:02:40 
17AdrianFahyWestport Covey SnrGravelMale01:02:49 
18NiallWatersCorrib MTB SnrMTBMale01:03:42 
19AndrewGroseOff Grid SnrMTBMale01:03:48 
20StephenGilganYeates CCO50GravelMale01:04:25 
21SaraCannyWestern Lakes SnrGravelFemale01:04:401st Female
22JonathanCunningham  SnrMTBMale01:04:40 
23GerryGeoghegan O50GravelMale01:04:52 
24TimothyO DriscollZero Gravity SnrGravelMale01:05:17 
25SeanCassidy  SnrGravelMale01:05:55 
26NoelKellyWestport Covey SnrMTBMale01:05:58 
27MichaelGrimesTeam WorcO50GravelMale01:06:53 
28SorayaMc Mahon Dublin SnrGravelFemale01:07:572nd Female
29SineadWatersCorrib MTB SnrMTBFemale01:10:073rd Female
30LornaFarrellLinks CC Moate SnrMTBFemale01:10:08 
31FinghinKearneyKill W SnrMTBMale01:10:49 
32JakeMc Cabe  SnrGravelMale01:10:51 
33PaulDunneBallina CCO50GravelMale01:11:02 
34ScottKahler O50 Male01:11:48 
35MaryMulchroneWestport Covey SnrGravelFemale01:14:08 
36MartinDoyleBlanch wheelers SnrGravelMale01:15:03 
37JohnMageeIslandeady CC SnrGravelMale01:15:03 
38LeoDonlon  SnrMTBMale01:16:14 
39DamienCroweWestern Lakes SnrMTBMale01:17:04 
40DaveO LoughlinTuam SnrMTBMale01:17:04 
41EimearFlanneryWestern Lakes SnrGravelFemale01:19:10 
42JasonMelvin  SnrGravelMale01:20:31 
43DariusPranckunas  SnrMTBMale01:21:06 
44BridgetConwayWestport Covey SnrMTBFemale01:21:09 
45BrianGoldenWestern Lakes SnrMTBMale01:22:02 
46KeithFlanagan  SnrMTBMale01:22:15 
47MarkKavanagh  SnrMTBMale01:22:26 
48JarlathBradyWestport CoveyO50MTBMale01:23:21 
49BrianClarkeWestport CoveyO50MTBMale01:24:21 
50DarraghClarkeWestport Covey SnrMTBMale01:24:25 
51PaulMichelsWestport CoveyO50MTBMale01:25:03 
52OwenFlannery  SnrGravelMale01:26:45 
53Carol-AnneSavageNorth west MTB SnrGravelFemale01:27:11 
54DeirdreClarkeWestport Covey SnrMTBFemale01:27:19 
55SeanLyonsAchill WheelersO50MTBMale01:27:48 
56FreddyCollinsWestport CoveyO50MTBMale01:28:21 
57AlanKilleen  SnrMTBMale01:29:26 
58TadeuszJacykiewiczWestern Lakes SnrGravelMale01:29:30 
59TonyHynes O50 Male01:29:38 
60StephenConnorKill W SnrMTBMale01:29:51 
61LeoBoyleNorth west MTB SnrGravelMale01:30:57 
62PovilasBartuska  SnrMTBMale01:31:14 
63JoanneMurphyGalway Bay CC SnrGravelFemale01:33:10 
64EveDalyGBCC SnrGravelFemale01:33:39 
65AlanCoyne O50MTBMale01:36:46 
66JessicaLambSt Tiernans Dublin SnrGravelFemale01:37:17 
67DamianSpellman  SnrGravelMale01:38:32 
68StanHaddenIslandeady CCO50GravelMale01:38:34 
69DavidFagan  SnrMTBMale01:59:07 
70HelenNoud  SnrMTBFemale02:00:03 
71Ann-~MarieCallaghanWestern LakesO50GravelFemale02:01:501st female O50
72ThereseRuaneWestern LakesO50MTBFemale02:01:51 
73JoeCallaghanWestern LakesO50GravelMale02:01:54 
74SeanO GradyWestern Lakes SnrGravelMale02:01:58 
75SiobhanO MalleyWestern Lakes SnrMTBFemale02:02:07 
76ShaunaFeerickWestern LakesO50MTBFemale02:02:11 
77RiteMc LoughlinGrainne Uaile SnrMTBFemale02:03:04 
78ConorOfficer  SnrMTBMale02:08:03 
79JohnLunny  SnrGravelMale02:12:10