A*-A1-A2-A3 & Juniors (A-Race)

Two races will be on offer for competitors; a handicapped race catering for A1, A2, and A3 categories and a mass start A4 support race. The usual circuit starting from the Hawthorn Inn will be used, taking in Richies Bridge before a sharp left through Annaclone Village, Mays Corner, and Katesbridge before returning to the Hawthorn Inn via the Ardbrin Rd. The ‘A’ race for A1, 2 & 3’s will be 6 laps of the traditional rolling circuit for a total race distance of approx. 50 miles / 80 km, with the winner being awarded the Eddie Sands Memorial Cup. The ‘B’ race for A4 men and A3/A4 women will cover 4 laps of the same course giving a total distance of approx. 32 miles / 51 km.
In addition to the Eddie Sands Memorial Cup for the winner of the ‘A’ race, the winner of the ‘B’ race will be awarded the Travers Cup. (report and start list courtesy of Banbridge CC)

The A4 & Women’s support race